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We started off the week by learning about Christianity

and how Christians pray.

Christians go to Church to pray

and they have a special book called the Bible.

We wrote Teaspoon (tsp) prayers (Thank you, Sorry, Please)

Then we made a prayer bracelet

We started to think about how Jewish people pray and found out they pray in a Synagogue but they have a Mezzuzah on their door to remember that God is always with them.

We then made our own Mezzuzahs.

We thought about Muslims and how they pray;

Nadia brought in her copy of the Quran and her special shoes,

and we all made a prayer mat.

We then found out about how Hindus pray and talked about Diwali.

Soraya brought in a selection of her celebration clothes to show us.

Shreeya shared her divas with us too.

Finally we made Rangoli patterns