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To create the best possible atmosphere for participants and officials we ask that players, parents and staff adhere to these guidelines.  We thank you for your understanding and support.

Fair Play for PLAYERS
Be ready to start each match promptly
Set a positive example for other players and supporters
Play by the rules and never argue with officials
Treat opponents with respect at all times, no matter what the final result
Do not use inappropriate language and avoid violence and rough play
Do not wear jewellery, unsuitable clothing / footwear
Thank officials and opponents after each match

The safety of the young people should be your priority
Set a positive example for players, supporters and other staff - put the enjoyment of the pupils first
Respect the officials and thank them and their assistants following each match
Praise all athletes from every team for their efforts and achievements
Always be positive, never shout at or ridicule players of any team

Remember that participation and enjoyment are more important than winning
Encourage fair play and support all players
Be a positive role model for participants and other spectators (do not swear or behave inappropriately)
Do not argue with officials, if you have a concern please talk to the organiser – remember we all make mistakes
Never ridicule any child for performing poorly
Make sure your child is dressed appropriately and has plenty of water for the activity they are doing

Fair Play for OFFICIALS
Take pride in your appearance and be a positive role model to all participants, spectators and other officials
Be consistent in your decisions
Help players understand the rules by explaining decisions where appropriate
Ensure participants show respect for each other and for you as an official



As a school we try to provide as many opportunities for students to take part in sport as possible. This may mean that some events will take the most competitive squad to compete whereas for other events we may select a squad based on giving children the opportunity to represent the school in competition. 


The teacher has sole responsibility for selecting children for a team or race event and we would ask that children and parents respect the teacher's decision.  If a child or parent is unhappy with the teacher's selection, the opportunity to take part will be offered to another child.  Once letters have been sent out it will not be possible to change positions or events.


Please note:  There should not be an expectation for staff to arrange sporting fixtures and/or run clubs.  However, staff are willing to give up their own time to provide the children with these great opportunities; please therefore respect their decisions at all times.