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This week will are continuing with our work based of the film clip 'Ruckus'. 

Follow the instructions each day.  (Lesson 3 is for Monday and so on).

You have this half terms spellings to learn too and don't forget to read your own choice of book. 

We'd love to know any recommendations you have.

Those children in school will be spending 60 - 90 minutes every day on English learning.  For example: 

10 - 15 minutes on spellings

30 - 45 minutes on writing

20 - 60 minutes reading own book

This can be split however you wish to fit with your other lessons.

With your spellings, we suggest that on Monday you follow the Power point for week 1. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday, complete the handwriting sheet and word search.  On Thursday, use your chosen strategies to practise the spellings.  And then on Friday, ask someone at home to test you.

Remember, if you can try to use one of this weeks spellings in your creative writing!