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History: Crime & Punishment

Week 6: The Victorian Era


Queen Victorian was the longest reigning monarch until our queen. During her reign, the United Kingdom ruled over about one-fifth of the earth's surface and almost a quarter of the world's population.

You can:

  • Watch the teaching video on the Video Resource Centre (it is based around the PowerPoint) then complete the worksheet
  • Go through the PowerPoint independently or
  • Do both

There are links to two videos on the slides: a Horrible Histories song about Victorian children working in factories (YouTube) and a BBC clip about life for a child in a workhouse.



There is a worksheet. You can either print out the worksheet and complete it, or just use the questions. You will be able to find all the answers on the PowerPoint.  


You may also want to look at the answers to the questions that some of you asked at the beginning of the subject (answers to questions Phase 2 were asking).