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You may have seen a large cheque taking pride of place outside Owls on Wednesday afternoon. We are delighted to have received a cash reward for successfully  participating  in GreenRedeem.  Not only does the scheme support our desire to be ecologically aware and eco friendly, it generates a lot of excitement as we log on to see how we are getting on in comparison  to the competition!

 We  wanted to spend the reward on other resources or initiatives that encouraged our eco friendly focus, so we have treated ourselves to a new scooter and bike pod to keep the children’s belongings safe after they have made their way to school without a car.  We have also bought plants which the children have nurtured and planted in our new planters.  They  are now looking forward to seeing them flourish in the coming months.  The children themselves will be debating what other projects to spend the remainder of the prize money on and our Eco Warriors Team will be facilitating this discussion and feeding back what the pupils have decided upon. 

All in all it has been a great initiative and we look forward to entering again next year!’