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Year 5 & 6 visited the Maidenhead Mosque to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the Muslim faith.  The Mosque is 37 years old and was designed by a Jewish architect. The dome was initially modelled on the mosque in Jerusalem (gold-coloured) but is now modelled on a mosque in Egypt.

We learnt that the Minaret outside was used to call Muslims to prayer.  They no longer do this in Maidenhead so as not to disturb the residents.  In Islamic countries a person climbs the tower and calls out 'hurry up and come to pray' – The Azan.

The Imman leads worship in the Mihrab (an area which sticks out from the main mosque and is the closest point to Mecca). We were shown a Koran and learnt that Arabic writing goes from right to left.  There were Koran holders which are used to make sure that the Koran does not touch the floor.