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Work continues on the Robert Piggott CE Infant & Junior Federation OSOS (One School, One Site) project.


As a result of the public consultation events at the end of October 2013 the Governors received 140 questionnaire responses. The overwhelming majority (87%), were in support of continuing to investigate the possibility of merging our 2 village schools onto one 21st Century site and many excellent suggestions regarding facilities were made by respondents.


From the Questionnaires we received many requests for further information and clarification, following which the Governors have updated the Q&A document on the website.


As well as all the additional questions, there were also a significant number of generally supportive comments which we felt should be highlighted in order to fully represent the public view.  A small selection of these are listed below:


1:  I fully support this and having discussed with many neighbours and local associates know that this is a view shared by many in the village.  In order to meet the growing demands for the provision of excellent modern education, of not only my children but also future generations, this development should go ahead, considering key factors such as those highlighted in my response above.  I look forward to hearing more about this proposal in due course.


2.  I really believe that Wargrave needs this.  Whilst the schools do the best with their current facilities, this could make a huge difference to the education of our children.  With 4 children who could potentially attend the new school we fully endorse this project and urge the governors to push ahead with it.


3.  We think this is a great idea, we have a great Head, great staff, wonderful pupils...BUT the classrooms and play areas are not fit for purpose.  Just a shame it will not be ready in time for my kids! 


All four sites presented at the consultations remain possibilities and the team are working hard to gather all of the required data and reports to make a final recommendation as soon as possible, however, this is a huge task and we appreciate your patience.  We have now brought a commercial property specialist onto the OSOS team to assist in this very complex process.


We remain very aware of the high levels of interest in this subject and the sensitive nature of such a development in our village.  We are committed to communicating at regular intervals, however please bear with us as this will be a long project and there may be periods between communications.  


In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns you would like to raise please contact us at