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Week 1 Other Activities

As well as the Stickman tasks we have added the following activities for you to work through if you have time. They will help you keep your great maths and English skills up to speed. 



(see the links below)


This week practise 


 Daily Ten, Level 2 , Addition    ( any of these)- use pencil and paper to record answers then check


and also


Hit the Button - Times Tables up to 12   x2,x5,x10,x3  complete online and it will mark as you go along




Choose 1 of the activities each day with the following 10 words

would, eye, should, who, Mr, Mrs, parents, everybody, even, sure

1. Write the  words into sentences

2. Write the  words with vowels as capitals and consonants as lower case

3. Write the words backwards

4. Write the words as a pyramid    eg.   house        would be     h

                                                                                                       h o

                                                                                                      h  o u

                                                                                                     h  o  u s

                                                                                                   h  o   u  s  e

5. Rainbow write the words, a different colour for each letter of the word

6. Make up a story that uses all of the words in sentences, some can be in one sentence if needed, or repeated!!