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Week 10 Other Activities


We have been so delighted with the reading that has been going on- so many different books and genres, keep on finding what interests your child. Whatever the genre, children who read (according to research) gain a wider vocabulary, increased memory function, stronger analytical thinking and  so often we see the reading coming through in the children's writing. Although some children find reading tricky, please continue to encourage your child to read 10 minutes each day with you, and to listen to, enact, discuss and write stories. The daily comprehension sheets could help here. Please don't feel any pressure to print each day out, having a discussion about what your child has read will challenge them to articulate their understanding and express their opinion in a meaningful way. It can also offer a quiet 10 minutes before bed.


If your child was still on the Read Write Inc scheme before school closed please take a look at Ruth Miskin's Speed Sound lessons online. Watching set 2 Speed Sound lessons are great for revision and the set 3 Speed Sound lessons are great to carry on moving through the scheme. Take a look here:



This week there is another weekly plan which has activities that can be done daily, they enable children to practice key skills that lead to a longer piece of writing on a Friday. This week, it is all about descriptive writing, so lots of adjectives and adverbs to think about and include in the final longer piece of writing. We would be looking for evidence of independent application from work throughout the week, as well as the varied use of punctuation, use of prefixes, suffixes and sentence starters along with neat, cursive handwriting that we have worked on in class. In Year 2 going into Year 3 we would also expect them to reread their work and edit and improve it- for example changing the adjective using a thesaurus (available online) and spotting spelling or punctuation errors. Please see the documents below and do not hesitate to email any questions you may have regarding this form of writing.



As the children have now finished all the year 2 spelling words we have been searching for the right level of challenge to prepare for year 3. These spellings will focus on using suffixes, look to see if you could include these suffixes in your long piece of writing too.


ing: begging hitting faking sliding hiding swimming driving smiling joking stammering

est: biggest  fittest  glummest prettiest nicest craziest fluffiest friendliest nosiest scariest

ed: chatted bullied clapped hopped knitted envied closed danced wrapped dried

er: angrier bumpier nicer paler wiser foggier faster dirtier riper crazier


These words are especially tricky and will need lots of practice. You can either use one group per week or a few from each list per week.  Remember there are a variety of ways to practice the spellings, putting them into a wordsearch, writing silly stories with them, writing consonants in one colour and vowels in another, writing them with cursive handwriting, getting outside and chalking the words or making the words with sticks or any other creative way you can think of!



This week's topic is one we haven't done much of in class and could also be done practically- it is measuring and calculating with length and beginning to measure mass ( you could do this and link it to recipe writing for the Year 2 cookery book). We are using week 10 ( 22nd June) of the White Rose resources, the videos are in the following link and the worksheets and answers are below.


Some of you want to carry on with more work linked to the White Rose videos and so this link to BBC Bitesize has more practice that is on the same topic.


This week's mental maths is adding 3 one digit numbers on Daily 10, level 2, addition, three one-digit numbers. Try to see if you can get the time down to 5 seconds and improving your score! Let us know how you do.


As ever, if you want more challenge there are various links below.


Daily reading Activities