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Week 10 Other Activities



Writing lists! In the story this week, Jack and the Flumflum Tree, Granny gives Jack a patchwork sack with lots of items inside. Can you use a bag at home to collect some of the items from the story? Or add some of your own too! Then your child could take each item out and write a list of everything inside. As you progress through the week different items could go into the bag. What other things could have gone into the bag to help Jack and his friends on their adventure?


Please allow children to attempt to write on their own, using sounds they know from phonics – using Fred Fingers to ‘pinch’ the sounds.




Please try to read with your child everyday. You can read books from home or you can read ebooks through Oxford Owl website by following this link:


If you need some guidance on which book level is most suitable for your child, please take a look at the table explaining book levels by following this link:


Maths - doubles


Discuss with your child what the word 'double' means?  It means the same number added onto itself! The best way to do this is practically with objects that you may have around your house!

You may need to model this to your child and the resources below should give you some ideas.

Lady birds

A great way for children to learn about doubling numbers is to think of a ladybird! You will find a sheet at the bottom which will help the children to solve doubling problems using ladybirds their and spots!




Why not play a game of dominoes with your child? If you don't have any then you can find a set to print off at the bottom of this page. Ask your child to find the dominoes that have doubles on? You will also find a sheet at the bottom based on dominoes that your child could complete.




Roll a dice and encourage your child to double the number of spots shown!





The children can use their fingers to work out the double of pairs up to a total of 10.



Solving doubling problems

Please see the attached sheet at the bottom which contains lots of word problems for your child to solve! To add further challenge, you could encourage your child to think of a way to show/record this? This could be as simple as drawing pictures or even attempting to write the number sentence e.g. 2+2=4