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Week 12 Other Activities


This week's topic is again one we haven't done much of in class and could also be done practically, for example in cookery. It also moves onto Time- a very important life skill. In Year 2 we focus on using an analogue clock, which isn't as familiar to children nowadays with all the digital technology, but it is still useful to be able to tell the time this way! We are using week 12 ( 6th July) of the White Rose resources, the videos are in the following link and the worksheets and answers are below.


Some of you want to carry on with more work linked to the White Rose videos and so this link to BBC Bitesize has more practice that is on the same topic.


This week's mental maths is Daily Ten, level 2, subtraction, Missing numbers Tens up to 100. These may require a good knowledge of the ten times table.


As ever, if you want more challenge there are various links below


As the children have now finished all the year 2 spelling words we have been searching for the right level of challenge to prepare for year 3. These spellings will focus on using suffixes, look to see if you could include these suffixes in your long piece of writing too.


ing: begging hitting faking sliding hiding swimming driving smiling joking stammering

est: biggest  fittest  glummest prettiest nicest craziest fluffiest friendliest nosiest scariest

ed: chatted bullied clapped hopped knitted envied closed danced wrapped dried

er: angrier bumpier nicer paler wiser foggier faster dirtier riper crazier


These words are especially tricky and will need lots of practice. You can either use one group per week or a few from each list per week.  Remember there are a variety of ways to practice the spellings, use your favourite from the previous weeks- and look to see if you can find suffix words when you are reading.


In addition to the above spellings, you will see that there are some spellings on your English plan for the week. These are spellings from the book and there is some lovely vocabulary that would be fantastic to use in any writing.