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Week 2 Other Activities


Daily Ten- this week we would like you to practise subtraction. Use the link to take you to the Daily Ten website, select LEVEL 2 , then subtraction and try any of the activities. Remember to record the answers on paper, then you can check your own answers


Hit the Button- this week we are focussing on DOUBLING. Use the link to take you to the homepage and select doubles and do any of the challenges up to 100


Attached are some additional doubling activities if you need them. You do not need to print them out, just write the answers on a piece of paper, or there are some practical ideas you could try.



This week's 10 words are :-

could, sugar, improve, money, half, prove, move, hour, bath, path


. rainbow write the words- change colour for each letter of the word

. bubble write each word

. write each word backwards

. write a silly story that has all the words in it

. write each word in one sentence ( 10 sentences in total)

.dot write each word