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Week 3 Other Activities

Please try to repeat these activities throughout the week. This will really help your child to consolidate their previous learning through practice and repetition



We would like you to continue to increase the range of numbers that your child can recognise and place in order. If your child is not yet fully secure in recognising and ordering numbers 1-20 then please write out a set of small cards with those numbers and hide them around the garden or house. Send your child on a treasure hunt to find them and put them in order.


If your child is confident to 20, choose a bigger number range for the number hunt, e.g. 20-40, or even go beyond 100! For even more challenge, choose non-sequential numbers, e.g. 36, 42, 49, 57...etc. and hide them for a treasure hunt as above. Can the child put them in order and say which numbers would be needed to fill in the gaps?



Please try to read with your child everyday. You can read books from home or you can read ebooks through Oxford Owl website by following this link: 


If you need some guidance on which book level is most suitable for your child, please take a look at the table explaining book levels by following this link:



Encourage your child to write a brief review of a chosen reading book.

It can be a single sentence, for example, I like it when..... or.....I like  the page with....

For those who are able to write a bit more at length, encourage a little more writing, 2-3 sentences, saying something about what the book is about or something in it he/she particularly likes. Support your child if necessary , but please do encourage them to have a go and to attempt some words independently by using their Phonic knowledge and using 'Fred Fingers'.


Have fun with your learning this week and please remember that we love to see you what have been up to! You can upload any work or photos onto your child's Tapestry account. We will then give feedback on your child's work, where appropriate smiley