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Week 3 Other Activities



We hope you keep up your daily reading, of whatever books interest you, and discuss your reading with a grown up. Some suggestions about questions and discussions are in the document below .


If you were still on the RWI scheme you might like to do the Ruth Miskin lessons which are online daily. This is the link- you will mostly focus on set 3 sounds, but you could do the set 2 sounds for revision.




White Rose maths have now started to do daily videos that have practice within them as well as a worksheet. We would like to starting on Week 3, 4th May


If you want to do even more on the same topic, the BBC bitesize lesson for that day has even more videos and work to do !


Continue to practice your Daily Ten.

This week, Level 2 , multiplication 2x,5x,10x and 3x . If you improve your score everyday, reduce the amount of time!


REMEMBER ONLY DO WHAT YOU CAN and you don't have to do everything everyday- we wouldn't if we were in school!



This week's 10 words are :-

plant, pass, grass, again, water, class, father, past, last, fast


Chose some activities to practice the words or use some of the previous week's activities if you have enjoyed them

  •  put the words in alphabetical order
  • write the words in your best cursive handwriting
  • air write the words and write them with your finger on someone's back
  • write them as one long train with no gaps between the words, each carriage a different colour eg, classhouseChristmasfast
  • Make them into a secret code, give each letter of the alphabet a number

                          -a=1, b=2,c=3 etc so z=26

Now write the word as a code and see if someone can decode it. Mr would be 13 18 as a secret code


  • write the words across and down     c l a s s





Questions to ask about reading