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Week 3 - Writing

L.O. To write a non-chronological report about a yellow-spotted lizard.

Please look at the video in the video resource centre for a full explanation.


This week you will spend 4 sessions of 30 minutes writing a non-chron. report.


Session 1 – brainstorm lots of ideas about what you think a yellow-spotted lizard might be like.  What does it look like?  What features does it have?  Where does it live?  What does it eat?  What defenses does it have?  Etc


Session 2 and 3 – Write a short paragraph for some or all of these subheadings:

Appearance, habitat, diet, defenses, family group/having their young

Create your own sub-headings if you wish.


Remember to stay in 3rd person and remain “factual”.

Read through your writing – does it make sense?  Is all punctuation correct?


Session 4 – Present work in an interesting manner with pictures and/or diagrams where appropriate.  (We did non-chronological reports with Ancient Greece)  See examples in week 3 writing folder.


Take a photo and send to your teacher.