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Week 4 - Maths

As a guide - Mrs Tawse's group should be able to do Challenge 1 or 2 and Mrs Pontet and Mr McMillan's groups should be doing Challenge 3, as this is the level we do in class.


Then look at the White Rose website.  Home learning week 4 for your year group.  Follow the power point and try to complete the activity sheets.  Allow about 20 - 30 minutes for this. The activity sheets are no longer posted on the White Rose website; therefore, they will be attached on this page from now on.


In addition, BBC Bitesize is now producing videos and worksheets which support the White Rose work. If you would like extra support head to the Bitesize home learning page click on your year group and then Maths. They will also be posting worksheets which you can also complete if you would like to.


If you have time (and want to challenge yourself), choose one of the other tasks in this folder or complete work on Mathletics.