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Week 4 Other Activities



We've been so pleased by how much reading has been done during your home learning. Whatever you enjoy - whether it's novels, poems, fact files or magazines - try to keep reading a little each day. If you are reading aloud remember to use your 'story telling voice' and discuss what you've read with a grown up. Some questions and discussion ideas are in the document below.


If you were still on the RWI scheme before school closed you could use Ruth Miskin's Speed Sound lessons online. Watching set 2 Speed Sound lessons are great for revision and the set 3 Speed Sound lessons are fabulous to carry on moving through the scheme. Take a look here:




This week's 10 words are:

after, beautiful, pretty, people, busy, steak, break, great, every, told.


You can either use Look, Cover, Write to practise these or use some of these ideas:

  • rainbow writing - write the words in one colour, then another, then another - to make a rainbow
  • put the words in alphabetical order
  • make a word search out of them
  • use as many as you can in one sentence - it has to make sense though!
  • find the words in a story
  • write them in sand or paint
  • make them into a secret code, give each letter of the alphabet a number

                          -a=1, b=2,c=3 etc so z=26


For an extra challenge you could also use these 10 from Lost and Found:

everywhere, thought, voice, though, discovered, heard, ignored, decided, through, weather.  




White Rose maths have now started to do daily videos that have practice within . This week is Week 4,11th May . The worksheets are no longer freely available, so we have attached the PDFs of the sheets for each day below.


If you want to do even more on the same topic, the BBC Bitesize lesson for that day has even more videos and work to do!


Continue to practice your Daily Ten.

This week it is division facts ( to 12)  divide by 2, divide by 5, divide by 10 and divide by 3 . If you improve your score everyday, reduce the amount of time!


If you still want more challenge in Maths, there are some additional links and sheets to have fun with!

We hope you have lots of fun with your learning, please remember to ONLY DO WHAT YOU CAN, you don't have to do everything everyday- we wouldn't if we were in school!


Reading - Ideas for questions to ask when reading with your child