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Week 4 Other Activities

You could build on these activities throughout the week. This will really help your child to continue the activity perhaps more independently once they get the hang of it, and also evaluate their work and consider their own next steps.




You could find a ruler or tape measure at home to help, or use a different way to measure with pieces of lego or duplo.

Next find different things you want to measure! It could be your feet, your toys or even your sofa! Then draw a picture of the object and next to it the number to show how long it is. You could use the document at the bottom of the page for this activity or create your own. 

 Once you get the hang of this we think you could do this without your grown up and show them after a timer goes off!




This week can you choose something from outside that you find really interesting? This could be from your garden or something from your daily walk – a flower, stone, leaf, stick!

Have a close look at the details on your object/s and try to include them in a drawing or painting!

Can you label your picture like the image below using Fred Fingers to help you pinch the sounds?

Please allow children to attempt to write on their own using their phonic knowledge, encouraging them to use a capital letter, finger spaces and full stop.



As an extra challenge you could write some sentences to describe it too, think about the colour, the size, shapes, texture or another fact you might know about it!





Please try to read with your child everyday. You can read books from home or you can read ebooks through Oxford Owl website by following this link: 

If you need some guidance on which book level is most suitable for your child, please take a look at the table explaining book levels by following this link:



Have fun with your learning this week and please remember that we love to see you what have been up to! You can upload any work or photos onto your child's Tapestry account. We will then give feedback on your child's work, where appropriate.