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Week 5 Other Activities

Please try to repeat these activities throughout the week. This will really help your child to consolidate their previous learning through practice and repetition. 



This week for Maths, we would like you to focus on 'money'.

Please support your child in becoming familiar with the following coins: 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p and £1 coins.

Talk about what the coins look like, for example, whether they are bronze, silver or gold and look at the shape of each coin. You could draw around the coins or trace over the coins with some paper and crayons (coin rubbing).

You could set up a simple role-play shop. Perhaps price the items and encourage your child to work out the total amount of coins required. How much will they have left? Can they buy something else with the coins that are left? 

For an extra challenge, could you buy two or more items from the shop by adding the value of two items together and finding the correct amount of coins required? 





Please try to read with your child everyday. You can read books from home or you can read ebooks through Oxford Owl website by following this link:



If you need some guidance on which book level is most suitable for your child, please take a look at the table explaining book levels by following this link:




Using the sheet below (or you can make your own) please encourage your child to think of a word that begins with each letter of the alphabet. You may choose to focus on a few letters each day or you could do one word for each letter and add more words over the following days.


Each day after completing the activity, encourage your child to choose one of the words and to put it into a sentence. Remind your child to use a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence, a full-stop at the end and to use their 'Fred Fingers' to help with sounding out the words.  Give support where required but please encourage your child to do this as independently possible. 


You could also Practice singing the alphabet song. Your child may also remember a different version that we often sing at school called 'All the Letters Came to Tea' - you can listen to this song by clicking on this link: 



Have fun with your learning this week and please remember that we love to see you what have been up to! You can upload any work or photos onto your child's Tapestry account. We will then give feedback on your child's work, where appropriate.