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Week 7 Other Activities

Please try to repeat these activities throughout the week. This will really help your child to consolidate their previous learning through practice and repetition. 



This week we would like you to focus on addition.

You will need 2 dice (or number cards 1-10 if you do not have a dice) and a set of counting objects, such as cars, raisins, building bricks, teddies etc. Take turns to roll the dice. The child says the numbers shown on each of the dice and counts out the number of objects shown on dice 1 into one line, and the number shown on dice 2 into a second line, then add them up.

Together say a number adding sentence, eg if dice 1 shows 4 and dice 2 shows 3 say, '4 raisins add 3 raisins (or whatever the objects are) equals 7 raisins'.

For more challenge, you could roll 3 dice and add 3 numbers together, or double the number on each dice or try counting up the total number of objects in 2s. Remind your child about the importance of careful counting.  



Please try to read with your child everyday. You can read books from home or you can read ebooks through Oxford Owl website by following this link:


If you need some guidance on which book level is most suitable for your child, please take a look at the table explaining book levels by following this link:




This week we would like your child to practice writing their name using cursive letter formation. Can they write their first name using pre-cursive letter formation? Their middle name and surname?


You will find a letter formation sheet below with patters on to support your children in forming their letters correctly. The children are familiar with these as we use these at school.


We would also encourage you to help your child to practise forming other letters of the alphabet correctly using pre-cursive letter formation. You will also find some handwriting sheets below.



Have fun with your learning this week and please remember that we love to see you what have been up to! You can upload any work or photos onto your child's Tapestry account. We will then give feedback on your child's work, where appropriate.