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Year 2


As usual on these pages you will find some cross-curricular Home Learning suggestions for you to enjoy. This week they are based around the non- fiction book, The Trouble with Tadpoles for which there is pdf and a video of Mrs Hosking reading it. Under 'Other Activities' you will see there are Reading, Writing, Spelling and Maths challenges too, these are specifically aimed at year 2 and will help prepare your child for year 3 work. We have made the reading and writing more formal, with an activity for each day. Each week, on a Friday we are aiming to have a long piece of writing, which is what would be expected for Year 2 at this point of the year. The work during the week should help to make this writing as high quality as possible. 


If you're working from home and trying to juggle Home Learning too it can be very tricky, but these ideas are suggestions only. You know your child, so do what works for you and remember that you don't have to do EVERYTHING, a little of SOMETHING each day would be wonderful!    


It has been a while since we've been in school and we really appreciate you sharing your Home Learning with us. Please continue to send photos or pieces of work into school through the office email ( and it would be our pleasure to give your child some encouragement and a personal message within 48 hours.


For those who like to plan ahead, the week of the 8th June, we will be basing the learning around The Man on the Moon( a day in the life of Bob)  by Simon Bartram.


We hope you have lots of fun with the learning this week.


We look forward to hearing from you, 

Mrs Ireton and Mrs Stocker