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Doves 2017-18

Doves 2017-18 1

Week of 20th November


We will use the story 'We're going on a bear hunt' as our inspiration this week.

We will go exploring on a shape hunt, finding out about 2D and 3D shapes, learn about drawing story maps and use the book as a stimulus for practising writing.

On Tuesday we have a visit from the police who will talk to the children about their work. Many of our children love dressing up as police officers so I'm sure they will enjoy this.

We will continue to encourage the children to practise and try to achieve the targets they have set for themselves. Many of these are play based.

The children are busy making clay models, this will continue, as well as preparations for the Christmas play.


Home Activity - See the blue books. Games using a pack of playing cards, sorting, ordering the numbers, playing games such as snap.


Friday fun in the sun!

Beautiful bunting!

Beautiful bunting! 1

OUR TOPICS for 2017 to 18

Autumn: Team Doves outside & inside; Superheroes; Christmas

Spring: Out & About with Animals; New Life & Easter

Summer: My School Village; Summertime


It is important that young children have plenty of time to play and to have stories read to them, and in the early days your children are likely to be very tired after a day at school, so they will need time to relax. However, once the children are settled in we will start to give them some simple 'homework. They will bring books home to share with their parents/carers, either reading books for the child to read, or ones for you to read with your child. These are usually changed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, which gives you time to share each book with your child more than once to allow for consolidation of skills. Please remember to practise daily and sign the reading diary, so that it is clear that the book has been read. Later we may send home some sight words to learn and  we will send home a weekly task in a Home Activities Book; please return these by Wednesday each week so that the new task can be added into the book. 


Ongoing throughout:                                      

We will continue to re-enforce the Growth Mindset. See the display in both rooms.  The children are encouraged  to adjust their language from, "I'm not good at this," to "What can I do to get better? " "What if it goes wrong?" becomes "I'll have a go, that's how I learn." " I can't do it," becomes "I can't do it yet," and "I don't want to," becomes, "I'll have a go, that's how I learn."



We continue to remind the children about our class rules.  





Throughout their time in the Doves Class, the children are working towards achieving the Early Learning Goals.  Below are links to a variety of support materials.

Foundation Stage Curriculum Focus

Reading and phonics support material

The Doves class has two registration groups, named after these two types of Dove, the Barbary Dove and the Turtle Dove.

We are a group of children and adults who learn and play together. The teachers are:

  • Miss Chalk  - Barbary Doves
  • Mrs Creedon (Mon-Wed) & Mrs Hodge (Wed-Fri) - Turtle Doves


Our Teaching Assistants are Miss Dedman and Mrs Annetts and Miss De Simon is our Learning Support Assistant.

Mrs Glasby (who works across both Infant & Junior Schools) joins us on Wednesdays.



Some of last year's activities below.

End of term 2017 - Water Fun!

Teamwork on the construction project.

Teamwork on the construction project. 1

Skipping Day! Friday 23rd June 2017

IMG_0532 D.MOV

Still image for this video

IMG_0536 D.MOV

Still image for this video

IMG_0539 D.MOV

Still image for this video

Elmer Day

Elmer Day 1

Look here to see pictures of the Doves exploring ST Mary's chruch

Look here to find out about our walk around the village

Our afternoon at Mumbery Field - 20th April 2017

Rushall Farm visit - 15th March 2017

Visits from a vet and a vet nurse

Measuring Activities - 25th January

Parents' Reading Meeting - November 2016