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Doves 2017-18

Doves 2017-18 1

Week of July 16th

Our last week! Wow! In this final week there are a few fun things scheduled, including watching the year 2 leavers' show, leaving assemblies for departing staff, and some watery fun on Thursday!

The Doves have been a wonderful group of children, we have enjoyed teaching them, and they have made great progress. They are certainly looking a lot more grown up than when they arrived last September. Thank-you for all you have done to support us as we have worked with your children. Have a fabulous summer and enjoy your family time together. Best wishes from all the Foundation Stage Team.

Week beginning 9th July.


Our penultimate week! The children will be writing a review of their year in Doves. They will be thinking about things that they have enjoyed, got better at, or found challenging. This piece of writing will be delivered to their new year one teachers. We will also be re capping on our maths skills in small groups.


Towards the end of the week, the children will bring home their learning journeys, writing and maths work from this academic year. This will be yours to keep. On Friday, the children's reading diaries will be sent home and there will be no more books issued this term.



Water Fun!

Week of 2nd July

We have a busy week coming up. On Wednesday we welcome our new intake of Doves for their second familiarisation visit. On Friday we have our Sport's Morning, do come and watch and cheer on the children. They are grouped into 8 mixed age teams across the school, and work their way through 6 energetic activities, scoring points for their team. Each class then has sprint races. The children will be practising on Thursday, please ensure your child has full PE kit, including shoes, in school.

As Wimbledon gets underway, there will be an ongoing tennis-skills based competition going on throughout the week.

In and amongst all this energetic activity, we will be encouraging the children to reflect on the past year, talking about what they have enjoyed, what they have learnt, and what they are still working on or need a little more help with.

The sunny weather looks set to continue, so please continue to send your child in with a hat and water bottle, and apply sun-cream before school. Thank-you.

Week of June 25th

Our story this week will be 'Funnybones' by Janet & Alan Ahlberg, and this will inspire the writing work as well as some maths measuring work.

On Wednesday next year's Doves will come to visit, and this year's Doves will find out which class they will be in and spend a morning there. Some find this exciting, sometimes a few children become a little anxious, so please do all you can to help them see this as a positive and exciting step.

In class worship the children will learn about the Christian concept of the Trinity.




A massive thank-you from the Doves for our fabulous pirate ship made by Aidan's mummy and Amy's mummy. It is proving very popular with the Doves and also the older children after school!
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1

Week of June 18th...


This week we will be basing many of our activities on the book 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' by Judith Kerr. In Literacy we will be listening to the story and work towards being able to tell it in our own words. The children will also be writing their own invitations to the Tiger to invite him into school for tea!


In Maths we will be looking at coins and we will be visiting a 'pretend' shop to buy food for the tiger using money.

On Wednesday we have a very exciting Art Day planned! We will be doing Art all day based on the famous artist 'Rousseau' which will be linked to tigers. The children will be exploring media and materials as we use clay, collage, pastels and many other resources! We are even going to make our own tiger masks!


On Friday we are having a 'skipping day'. We have some specialist skippers who are coming into work with the children!


In RE we will be looking at some special places in our village and discussing what makes them special.



Fun at the Doves beach

Doves visit to Mumbery Field


 This term the Doves topic will be 'Out and About in Wargrave' and we hope to do some exploring of our school village.


In RE we will be considering what we can learn from stories, including Bible stories and stories from around the world and other religions and cultures. Later in the term we will think about what makes places special, and explore where the children's special places are, as well as special places for our local community.


The children will discuss how to keep themselves safe and healthy. We will continue to teach them ways to express themselves through art & musical activities, and have lots of fun in PE and outdoor activities keeping fit and developing physical skills.


The children's literacy and maths skills are coming along in leaps and bounds and we will continue to develop these core skills. The children really benefit from daily reading practice so please keep up the reading and sight word practice at home, it makes a huge difference. As you are out and about with your child, take the opportunity to look out for numbers on houses, cars etc, and practise counting, forwards and backwards to 20 or beyond.


Do remember to send us in proud clouds, we love to hear about the things that make you and your children proud.


We are looking forward to the term and the warmer weather!


Easter in Turtle Doves

Easter service - the cross of love - the children's prayers and thoughts for those they love

Easter service - the cross of love - the children's prayers and thoughts for those they love 1

Making Houses for the Three Little Pigs

Outdoor Art in Doves

Our visit to Rushall Farm...

Turkish storytime for the Doves

Learning aout Chinese culture for Chinese New Year

Week beginning 5th February 2018


We have been amazed by the children's writing about the story of Maisy the mouse! Our mouse theme continued and last Friday we had fun making cheese straws.

This week the children will be learning a new story called 'The Baby Mouse'. Please take the time to support your child learning the new story using the story map provided. To begin the week, the children will be counting pieces of cheese, creating number stories and developing their addition skills. On Wednesday, we will be celebrating Chinese New Year with a dance workshop. This will give the children an opportunity to explore movement and a different culture. On Friday, the children will have the opportunity to revisit Chinese dance in PE and taste some Chinese cuisine in a senses session. In Literacy, the children will create individual story maps and re tell the story in their writing.

An action packed, fun week ahead!

Our Stable exhibition

Our Stable exhibition 1
Our Stable exhibition 2
Our Stable exhibition 3
Our Stable exhibition 4
Our Stable exhibition 5
Our Stable exhibition 6
Our Stable exhibition 7
Our Stable exhibition 8

Friday fun in the sun!

Beautiful bunting!

Beautiful bunting! 1

OUR TOPICS for 2017 to 18

Autumn: Team Doves outside & inside; Superheroes; Christmas

Spring: Out & About with Animals; New Life & Easter

Summer: My School Village; Summertime


It is important that young children have plenty of time to play and to have stories read to them, and in the early days your children are likely to be very tired after a day at school, so they will need time to relax. However, once the children are settled in we will start to give them some simple 'homework.' They will bring books home to share with their parents/carers, either reading books for the child to read, or ones for you to read with your child. These are usually changed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, which gives you time to share each book with your child more than once to allow for consolidation of skills. Please remember to practise daily and sign the reading diary, so that it is clear that the book has been read. Later we may send home some sight words to learn and  we will send home a weekly task in a Home Activities Book; please return these by Wednesday each week so that the new task can be added into the book. 


Ongoing throughout:                                      

We will continue to re-enforce the Growth Mindset. See the display in both rooms.  The children are encouraged  to adjust their language from, "I'm not good at this," to "What can I do to get better? " "What if it goes wrong?" becomes "I'll have a go, that's how I learn." " I can't do it," becomes "I can't do it yet," and "I don't want to," becomes, "I'll have a go, that's how I learn."



We continue to remind the children about our class rules.  





Throughout their time in the Doves Class, the children are working towards achieving the Early Learning Goals.  Below are links to a variety of support materials.

Reading and phonics support material

The Doves class has two registration groups, named after these two types of Dove, the Barbary Dove and the Turtle Dove.

We are a group of children and adults who learn and play together. The teachers are:

  • Miss Chalk  - Barbary Doves
  • Mrs Creedon (Mon-Wed) & Mrs Hodge (Wed-Fri) - Turtle Doves


Our Teaching Assistants are Miss Dedman and Mrs Annetts and Miss De Simon is our Learning Support Assistant.

Mrs Glasby (who works across both Infant & Junior Schools) joins us on Wednesdays.