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Welcome to Owl Class!



 Owls class is made up of 27 year two children.  My name is Mrs Rutherford and along with Mrs Bradford we will be supporting both your child and you through the next year.   In the meantime if you have any queries please do not hesitate to speak to me or any adult on the door.  





Thank you all so much for the thoughtful gifts.  We were completely overwhelmed.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to say it has been an absolute pleasure teaching the Owls this year they truly are a fabulous bunch of kids.

love of love

Mrs Rutherford  xx


I hope you have an amazing holiday.  Below is the poem I wrote for the children.



An acrostic poem about learning and life.

By Mrs R


Look for learning in every avenue around,

under each rock, stone and log

new challenges can be found.


Inspire those around you

to want to learn more,

hunt for opportunities

from ceiling to floor.


Follow your heart,

because your hopes and dreams live there.

Be generous with your time

always remembering to care.


Every mistake is precious new learning.

A moment of brilliance,

a break through we’ve been yearning.

To be the best that you can be,

Dream Big! Jump in! and let us all see!





Next half term we will be introducing our new topic of "Magic".  This is in line with the Wargrave festival. 




SATS Information Evening

Maths Parents Workshop Presentation

Castles Homework

Summer Term Notices


Owls Class timetable for this term is stored above.  It highlights the general plan for the next half term, however this is flexible and can sometimes change if special events arise.


PE will be on Tuesday afternoon and will be focusing on Games.  Please ensure that your children have their PE kits in school all the time and that all their clothing is named. 


Keyrings, Please can we ask that your child only has one key ring on their bag for identification purposes. With too many key rings on their bags the children find it hard to fit all their bags in their individual tray.


Many thanks

Mrs Rutherford, Mrs Bradford



Show and Tell

Show and Tell will be "Sharing our favourite books".  Children will be chosen in register order.   They will bring their favourite book to school and talk to the children about it.  Things to think about when they are preparing for their turn:

  • Why is this book your favourite?
  • Is it a fiction book or non-fiction?
  • If fiction
    • What happens in the beginning, middle and end?
    • Who are the main characters?
    • Where is the main setting?
    • Who is you favourite character and why?
    • What is your favourite part of the story?
    • Are there any parts of the story that you didn't like?
    • Were there any parts of the story that the author wrote really well?
  • If Non-fiction
    • What is the book about?
    • Is it easy to find what you are looking for in this book?  If so why?
    • What features of non-fiction writing did you find in the book?
    • What is the most interesting fact that you found out in this book?
    • Would you like to read more about the subject?
  • Would you recommend this book to your friends?
  • Have you ever read any other books by the same author?


Mathletics club

Held on a Thursday after school for 30 minutes. 

  • As this club is very popular we have to restrict the number of children who attend to 15, 5 per key stage 1 class. 
  • A sign up sheet will be placed on the classroom doors on a Monday morning for that week.  If your child attends breakfast and you are not their on Monday mornings but would like your child to attend mathletics please email via the office.  
  • We hope that all children will have the opportunity to attend this club at some point throughout the term.




Weekly/ Daily homework

  • Reading, daily reading really has a huge impact.  Reading a few pages and then discussing these is the most important strategy to ensure your child has understood what they have read.


  • Spellings, The children will be given a set of weekly spellings, this term they will be focussing on the sight words your children need to know.  Each week when I test the children we also cover a random selection of spellings from the previous weeks covered.  This informs me of whether the children are retaining their spellings and whether they should be able to apply this skill when they write. (Strategies, look, cover, write, check.  Sounding out can be useful but only as a last resort.  Please encourage your child to look carefully at the words once they have written it and think to themselves does that look right?


  • Mathletics, the website is always available for children to practise their skills.  Each week I will state the topic of maths that we will be focussing on for your child to log on and practise.






Articulation of phonemes


Phonics play