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Welcome to Owl Class!



 Owls class is made up of 14 year one children and 15 year two children.  My name is Mrs Rutherford, along with Mrs Bhangal and Mrs Barnes we will be supporting both your child and you through the next year.   We look forward to seeing you at the Owls Welcome meeting on Tuesday 12th September at 2.45pm, when you will found out a little more about how the class runs.  In the meantime if you have any queries please do not hesitate to speak to me or any adult on the door.  


Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning this term begins next Monday.  The children can stay in their school uniform so no change of clothes are required.  If you are able to help out on any of the following dates please speak to Mrs Rutherford.

Date:  22nd January, 5th February, 26th February, 12th March, 19th March


Forest School Dates

Begins this Wednesday 17th January, please remember your forest school clothes.


Luncheon Club

On Thursday 25th January the year 2s are going to the Luncheon Club at 1:15pm.  If you are able to help us walk please speak to Mrs Rutherford.


SATS meeting

Please see the slide presentation below from the SATS meeting.


Spring term PE

Please can you provide your children with tracksuit bottoms for their PE kits.  We are lucky enough to have a coach from Reading Football club running our PE lessons alongside myself this term and they will be outside.  


Show and Tell

This term we will be changing Show and Tell to "What's in the bag."  Children will be chosen at random, they will choose a bag and take it home and bring it back the following Friday.  They will then be asked questions by their peers as they try to guess what is in the bag. 


Mathletics club

This club is held on a Thursday after school for 30 minutes and is proving very popular.  Therefore we are having to restrict the numbers and ask that you sign your child up outside the classroom doors.  A new signup sheet will be there every week for that weeks club.  We have allocated 5 spaces per class to make it as fair as possible.  If your child would like to attend the club it is important that they are able to logon to the mathletics website independently.  Unfortunately their just isn't enough time to support 15 children logging on in such a short session.  If they are unable to do this yet and you would still like them to come, sign up and please come along with them for the beginning of the session until they are confident at logging on themselves.  If you have any queries please speak to Mrs Rutherford on the door.

Readers Workshop

Reading takes place every afternoon unless we are out for Outdoor learning.  If you are able and would like to help at any time in the afternoons please speak to Mrs Rutherford. 

THIS WEEK's Learning (wb 15.1.18)



  • Traditional tales
  • Talk for Writing - The Ugly Duckling
  • exciting verbs and sentence openers
  • speech


  • Capacity and mass
  • Solving problems using bar modelling


  • everyday materials and their uses


  • coding and de-bugging a beebot











Please read daily with your child even if you can only manage a couple of pages, it really has a huge impact.



Please help your child to learn their spellings.  Using look, cover, write, check is a good strategy.

(Look at the word and individual letters carefully, say them out loud, are there any tricky bits you need to remember?, cover the word up, have a go at writing it, look back at the word and check did you get it right?)  



Each week I will put the area we are learning about above.  If you would like to support your child in maths then click on the link to this website below and log in.  Your child's login details are in the front of their reading diaries.  You can choose the relevant topic to work on.





Articulation of phonemes


Phonics play