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Welcome to Kingfishers

Kingfishers Class has 28 children and are a wonderful mix of year one and two. My name is Mrs Ireton and I am the Class Teacher who has the pleasure of working alongside Mrs Hiscoe and Mrs Glasby to support the children as they learn and grow this year. Please feel free to drop in if you ever have a question or alternatively if you can offer some time to support the children or would like to go with them to Forest School - we'd love to hear from you!  


Since January Kingfishers have also had a class pet..... a hamster called Nibbles! She regularly comes out in her ball to see us all and enjoys munching on anything treat-like! The children have all been assigned a week to care for her and this gives them the chance to clean out, feed and play with her within a small group - what fun!



Kingfishers have had a wonderful half term and are looking forward to a well earned rest. From all of us in class we hope you have a relaxing and refreshing week off and look forward to seeing you all back in school on Monday 3rd June.  


Learning Week commencing Monday 3rd June 2019


In English we will be looking at creative writing and:

  • planning our own story   
  • using paragraph breaks   
  • adjectives and adverbs            


In Maths we will look at: 

  • position and direction
  • programming directions within ICT 
  • using a map and orally directing 


Alongside joint PE lessons, time at Mumberry and Joan Miro lessons, Kingfishers have been sharing jokes, here are some of the best:   


What do you get if you cross a giraffe and a hedgehog?

A 6 foot toothbrush! 


Why did the banana go to the doctor?

Because he wasn't peeling very well.     


What did the pencil say to the other pencil?

You're looking sharp!        


What do you call a deer with no eyes?

No idea!

Planting sunflowers, strawberries, radishes and carrots this week.

Our Plants workshop with Mrs Seville.

More Kingfisher News! 


The following pictures are from Spring Half Term. They include the day a dragon came to school! Us making our own dragons, rehearsing poetry, visiting Oxford Castle, enacting battles from the past, and lots of other active and immersive learning. The children thoroughly enjoyed this topic so we hope you enjoy looking at what they have done in class.         

Clay and craft dragon making this week

TASC day on Tuesday 12th February 2019

Number Day - Raising money for the NSPCC on Monday 4th February

Year 2 singing at the Luncheon Club

Kingfisher Knights and Queens!

More Pictures!


The following pictures are from Autumn Half Term. The children settled in beautifully and had a wonderful term, we're now looking forward to Spring!

Our Harvest Festival celebration and produce sale.

Our Farm Shop - we've been "buying" and "selling" this week with real produce!

Forest school adventures!



Thank you to everyone who came to our Class Welcome Meeting, it was very productive and we really value all of your comments and contributions. Unfortunately we did not get through all the 'helpful information' that we'd put together so please find the PPT attached to look through. Just ask if you have any questions. 


Class Mixing

As my Autumn Class Timetable shows, the children from year 1 & year 2 have starting mixing in afternoon sessions. If you have any questions about this, please ask.    



Kingfishers PE will be on Monday afternoon, please ensure that your children have their PE kits in school all the time and that all their clothing is clearly named.


Other equipment

Please can we ask that your child only has one key ring on their bag for identification purposes. With too many key rings on their bags the children find it hard to fit all their bags in their individual tray.


Show and Tell

Show and Tell will be "What's in the bag" again this year. Similarly to Owls class, children will be chosen at random and given the chance to share something they love. They will choose a bag, take it home, place something inside and bring it back the following Friday to discuss. On their day, they will be asked questions by their peers as they try to guess what is in the bag! It is a fun and fair twist to ‘show and tell’ and gives everyone a chance to join in.


Mathletics club

This club is held on a Thursday after school for 30 minutes and is proving very popular. Therefore we are having to restrict the numbers and ask that you sign your child up outside the classroom doors. A new signup sheet will be there every week for that weeks club. We have allocated 5 spaces per class to make it as fair as possible. If your child would like to attend the club it is important that they are able to logon to the mathletics website independently. Unfortunately there just isn't enough time to support 15 children logging on in such a short session. If they are unable to do this yet and you would still like them to come, sign up and please come along with them for the beginning of the session until they are confident at logging on themselves. If you have any queries please speak to Mrs Ireton on the door.


Readers Workshop

Reading takes place every afternoon. If you are able and would like to help at any time please speak to Mrs Ireton, Mrs Hiscoe or Mrs Glasby.


Thank you.



Helpful Websites:




Education City



Purple Mash




Phonics play


ICT Games Click ICT games image for Maths and English games


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Oxford Owl Reading resources