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Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

Our topic this term is JOURNEYS.


Through this topic we will explore people and animals who have made great journeys. We welcome Martin the Puppet Man to school on 9th January who will perform "The Town Mouse and Country Mouse" for us in his unique way and after half term we will be visiting Didcot Railway Centre to learn more about the Great Western Railway and to have a ride on a steam train.  We are asking for a voluntary contribution for both these events. Please visit the tucasi section of the website.

Our Values this term will be COURAGE and FORGIVENESS


We embrace having a GROWTH MINDSET.

We are Independent Iguanas, Perseverance Penguins, Curious Cats, Challenging Cheetahs

and Not Yet Yetis! See if your children can tell you how we use these in class.


Show and Tell

This term we will be changing Show and Tell to "What's in the bag."  Children will be chosen at random, they will choose a bag and take it home and bring it back the following Friday.  They will then be asked questions by their peers as they try to guess what is in the bag. 



Week commencing 15th January


Forest School begins again on Wednesday. Please let me know if you can help. I need a minimum of 3 helpers in total. Thanks.


Maths : Doubling numbers, Finding how many by grouping / Days of the week


English - Traditional Tales - Little Red Riding Hood


Science - Properties of Materials


Computing - using the ipads to support learning across the curriculum

                   - writing algorhythms for Bee bots

Geography - Town and Country


Week commencing 8th January 2018


English : We are beginning a unit on traditional tales . This week we are focussing on the Town Mouse and Country Mouse and the children will see a unique puppet show on Tuesday based this story. Martin( the puppet man )comes every year and is fantastic!

Maths : Halves and quarters of shapes, objects and numbers

Science :This half term we will be looking at properties of materials

PSHE : Growth mindset continued

Geography ; Comparison between town  and country


No Forest School until NEXT week!

Week Commencing 4th January 2018 (2 day week)


This week the children will write a recount of their Christmas time. We will begin to look at the journey homework - please make sure this comes into school by MONDAY at the latest.  In Maths we will be exploring odd and even numbers.


Please make sure PE kits are kept in school.


Y1 Forest School Sessions will take place on 17th January , 24th January and 31st January (am).

After half term the sessions will be February 28th. March 7th and March 14th.

Please let Mrs Nixon know if you can help us.








Week commencing 11th December


This week we will be performing our Christmas show for you. We hope you enjoy it! Thank you for providing costumes which will enhance the performance.


Christmas dinner is on THURSDAY for the children. They have made their selections at school. Please check with me if your child usually brings a packed lunch.


On FRIDAY the children will be bringing home their first PITA grid. This is a termly report card to give you more information about how your child is doing at school and gives targets for next term. Please ask if you do not understand the system.

There will also be some homework to do over the holidays as usual. Next term our theme will be on JOURNEYS and our question is "Are we nearly there yet?" This will be uploaded to the website and brought home as a paper copy on Friday.




Christingle 6.12.17

Week Commencing 4th December


We are busy preparing our Christmas play for you to see on the following dates:

December 11th 1.45pm-  dress rehearsal for Y3 and parents with babies/toddlers

December 12th 1.45pm - Performance 1

December 13th 9.30am - Performance 2


Please make sure costumes are sent in this week in a named bag.


We also have our lovely CHRISTINGLE service at St Mary's on Wednesday at 2pm. Please walk with us to church or we'll see you there. Children can be taken home straight after the service unless they are in After School Club. We will be walking back to school.


In amongst all the Christmas preparations we will be learning about two historical figures who were real life heroines - Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole.




Christmas Tree Ceremony - we all made decorations for the tree

Christmas Tree Ceremony - we all made decorations for the tree 1
Christmas Tree Ceremony - we all made decorations for the tree 2

Week Commencing 27th November


English :

Continue to develop story ideas based on Taking Flight - we are finding out about story structure - beginning, middle and end.


2d and 3D shape through box modelling - please bring boxes for Tuesday onwards


The Christmas Story and preparations for the nativity

ART and Craft ;

Advent calendar

Science ; Animals continued

PE :

Dance moves for nativity


Ipads and beebots



Week commencing 20th November 2017


English : We will be using a special children's film "Taking Flight" to inspire our own story writing for the next two weeks. We will be exploring exciting vocabulary and making sure we can write a clear sentence.


Maths : Subtraction. We begin by using physical objects, then pictures before calculating abstract sums.  We will be applying our new skill to money by finding out how much change from 10p and 20p.


PSHE : We continue to explore how to have a growth mindset.


VISITOR : We will have a visit from a local policeman who will tell us about the role of the police.


FOREST SCHOOL : We will head up to the woods for one final visit before Christmas. Forest school will resume in the new year.


SCIENCE : Classification of animals


SHOW & TELL : This is going well . Please remember to bring something special on your allotted day.


Computing : ipads and beebots . We are also using the ipads to support spelling development. We are using a programme called spelling shed - an app. If you want to have this at home it is very reasonably priced and would help enormously with spelling homework as you can add you own list to the app very easily.


Number Bond Club : This will begin this week for SOME children. If your child is not ready for this then they will begin later in the year. Do not worry if your child is not ready for this.

The first number is 5 so the children will need to know that 5 can be made up in the following ways 0+5, 1+4, 2+3. 3+2, 4+1, 5+0. They will do a short 'test' to encourage speedy memory techniques. Owls Year ones have just started this as well. The children progress through the numbers to 10, then bonds to 20, bonds to 100 in `10s and then move on to times tables in year 2. It all helps with mental arithmetic.


PE on the apparatus!

Our Remembrance Servicewith Mr Ferguson from St Mary's church.

Week Commencing 13th November 2017

NB : No Forest School this week as I am leading the Prospective Parent Morning on Wednesday morning


English - Super girl and the Reindeer - our Talk 4writing story - identifying beginning, middle and end of a story

                                                                                                    - generating verbs

                                                                                                    - generating description

Maths - introducing subtraction as DIFFERENCE

            - identifying coins and running a shop in our Maths Mission

Science - Sense of TOUCH

PE - apparatus

Children in Need is on FRIDAY - please come in pyjamas/slippers and bring a £1 for Children in Need. There will also be a giant cake stall at playtime. Please contribute a FEW buns or biscuits and bring 50p for this too.




Edward! Thank your daddy for us. It was a super visit!

 Week commencing 6th November 2017

Welcome to REINDEER WEEK! We are very grateful to Andrew Cardy for bringing the Reindeers to school on Monday completely free of charge! All the Infant and Junior children will be meeting the reindeer and if you have pre school children please come a little early at the end of the day so that your little ones can have the same experience. They will be in the playground. 

English - skills week based around the reindeers. Writing a good sentence including adjectives as describing words.  We will also be learning a new story by heart using Talk4Writing techniques.

Maths - continuing to use the = sign to show BALANCE. We will be doing this in different contexts including money

Science - Reindeers- what do they need to survive? What do they eat?

Computing - Ipads and Beebots - writing a simple programme.

Forest School is on Wednesday - warm layered clothes including a coat and wellies please.

History/RE - Remembrance  - we will be making poppies and sharing these in a school collective worship when we remember the bravery of the Armed Force heroes.


Week Commencing 30th October 2017.

NB Forest School on Wednesday :)

This week we will be focussing on the following:
English : What is a question? Which words do we use when we are asking a question?

              Making a labelled drawing of our special heroes using adjectives.

Maths : Exploring Equivalence - what signs mean + - <> +=

Science : Our senses 3 - Smell and Taste

Computing : Using Beebot to programme and begin to use 2Code on the PCs/Ipads

Art : Mondrian

PE : Real PE on Mondays. Please make sure PE kits are in school.

      FOREST SCHOOL will take place on 1st November, 8th November and 22nd November.

Spellings : Days of the week

PSHE : Growth Mindset 1



Breadmaking and Diwali Celebrations!

Week commencing 16th October 2017: Interfaith week


Literacy: Skills : Continuing work on sentence structure. Writing a reflection of what we have learnt about prayer this week. Writing teaspoon prayers.

Science:  Sense of SIGHT

Maths : Place value

PE : Outdoor games

Art : Rangoli patterns

Spelling: these will be sent out on FRIDAY (ar). The children all now have a sight words book. Please practice reading these words by sight.

RE : Interfaith week - how and where do different faiths pray. We will look at Judaism, Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduism and Islam.

Music :  Charanga music scheme Y1

Computing: E safety and exploring the new ipads

Forest School Week 3 Fairy houses and dragons!

Measuring our feet and handspan with multilink

Measuring our feet and handspan with multilink 1
Measuring our feet and handspan with multilink 2

W/c 9th October 2017

Literacy: Skills : Writing our Harvest poem remembering we need Capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in our sentences. Writing instructions to make bread using BOSSY verbs eg "put", "mix" etc

Science:  Sense of HEARING

Geography: Harvests around the world. Identifying England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland on a map of the UK.

Maths : Measuring our feet, hand span, arms, legs waists using non-standard units and asking whether this is a good idea. Using comparative language.

PE : Forest School and Outdoor games

DT: Baking bread

Art : finishing our portraits

Spelling: these will be sent out on FRIDAY (QU). Spelling test on FRIDAY too

PSHE/RE : How do people celebrate Harvest around the world?

Music : Harvest Songs and Charanga music scheme Y1

Computing: E safety and exploring the new ipads

Forest School Week 1...such excitement!

Week Commencing 2nd October in Woodpeckers...

***Forest School week 2 on Wednesday

Please send your child to school in play clothes (joggers/leggings), a coat, wellies. Please bring school clothes/shoes in a bag as we will get changed on our return before lunch.


Literacy: Skills : Making our own information book. We will also be learning our amazing harvest poem to perform at the Harvest festival.

Science:  We will be identifying the senses associated with different parts of our bodies.

Maths : Measuring our feet, hand span, arms, legs waists using non-standard units and asking whether this is a good idea.

PE : Dance for Harvets Show

Art : Collage - fish

Spelling: 'ng' words

PSHE/RE : How do people celebrate Harvest around the world?

Music : Harvest Songs

Computing: E safety and exploring the new ipads



The children are all now in phase groups for phonics. The words sent home are a mix of words which can be decoded by using phonics and keywords which need to be learnt by heart.


Mathletics passwords have been stuck into the inside of the reading diaries. You can access mathletics and the class pages on ipads and phones as well as on a PC.


An outing to Mumbery field to use our senses. What will we see, hear, touch and smell?


Reading:- Please listen to your children read daily, encourage use of known phonics and sight words.   Discuss the text after reading the book and ask the children questions to check understanding. This is a really important skill.

Phonics:- Please encourage your children to use known phonics sounds when reading.  Phonics will continue to be taught through structured lessons.

Spellings :- will be sent home on a Friday. These will be explained at the welcome meeting.

Maths :-  Please log on to Mathletics, logins can be found in  the front of your children's diaries.

Sight words: (little red book)please help children to learn these to say on sight rather than sounding them out.  This really helps develop their fluency when reading.

Thank you




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