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Welcome to Ash Class

Week beginning 11th January

I'm looking forward to starting some live lessons this week as well as seeing you all at our 9am daily morning meeting.  Please log on to Teams to join in.


This week, every day, you will be completing spelling tasks, reading, producing a non-chronological report about a rainforest animal, improving your arithmetic and building on multiplication skills. 

As well as all your English and maths learning, another foundation subject will be set each day.

Lessons will have clear instructions on what to do.  Some will be lessons provided by Oak Academy or BBC Bitesize.  Some will have instructional videos with some familiar faces!


Please don't worry, you can ask me questions at our morning meeting if you're not sure about anything. 

I know some people work quicker than others, so am adding some great web links below if you complete your assignments for the day.


Foundation subjects this week:

Monday - Computing

Tuesday - Geography

Wednesday - Science

Thursday - Art

Friday - Fit Fridays with Mrs Harrowell and Mr Hastings

Extra Computing
Some ideas of things to do outside from the National Trust - some of them will need adult supervision!

Friday 8th January

Yay - we did it!  The first week of remote learning has gone well.  Yes, there have been some technology issues and lots of questions, but I have been so impressed with everyone's growth mindset. 

Everyone has accessed tasks on Teams and joined a practice live lesson.  Well done!

Next week, assignments will upload at 8am every day, so that you can prepare for the day ahead.

And don't forget our daily morning live session at 9am, when I will explain the days tasks and be able to answer any questions you have.

Enjoy the weekend.  Be active, be creative, but most importantly, be kind.  smiley




Remote Learning update!

From Wednesday 6th January, I will be uploading work onto Teams.  For these first three days, we will be practising, making sure everyone can log on and ensuring that we all know how to access work and are able to 'turn it in'.

The expectations this week are approximately:

15 minutes of spellings every day

20 minutes of Read Theory every day

30 minutes of English every day

15 minutes of arithmetic every day

30 minutes of White Rose Maths every day

There will also be other lessons such as geography and science throughout the week.

I also expect you to read your own choice of book for at least 30 minutes a day and don't forget to watch Newsround too if you can!

On Wednesday 6th January I have invited all those not working in school to a meeting on Teams, so we can catch up and you can ask any questions you have.

In the coming weeks we will hopefully be using live Teams meeting more for our lessons, so this will be good practice.

Hope you have a good week smiley


Awesome, Amazing, Adventurous Ash Class !

Ash Class is taught by Mrs Pontet (Mrs Sinfield on a Thursday),

ably assisted by Mrs Harrowell and Mrs Larkins. 

Tuesday 5th January

I am so upset that we don't get to all come back to school and continue having fun together. 

But it's only for a few weeks (hopefully!) and I've been busy planning and amending lessons so that we can still keep on learning!

The topics will be as planned and we will try to stick to a familiar timetable.  Most work will be on Teams, so please check that you can still log in and let me know as soon as possible if you have any issues.

More details to follow........

As always, I love to know what you get up to at home.  So please send in photos and messages about what physical and creative things you do, as well as all the learning.

Take care and stay safe

Love Mrs Pontet smiley

If you do anything......... read!


Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a fun, restful Christmas break and are ready and raring to get back to learning at school.

During Spring 2021, we will be discovering lots of interesting things about South America, including learning about the variety of countries and cultures in this fascinating continent, as well as how important trade (and Fair-trade) is.  And of course we will further our understanding of the amazing Amazon rainforest too! 

In science, we will build on our knowledge of classification and living things, using some of our English lessons to write factual reports about some of the wonderful creatures of South America.  We will continue our work in RE on Sikhism and use our art lessons to develop our skills and understanding of different artists.  

Some of you will be delighted that we will be doing 2 PE lessons a week this term, one Real PE and one Games. These will be on a Monday and Thursday.

Obviously, we will continue to have maths and English everyday.  Spellings, Grammar, Whole Class Reading, studying different texts, arithmetic, fractions and decimals - so much to look forward to!!!

Useful dates:

Monday 4th January - INSET day (only teachers in school!)

Tuesday 5th January - school starts for children


Friday 12th February - INSET day

Monday 15th - Friday 19th February - Half Term holiday


Wednesday 24th March - Class photos


Wednesday 31st March - End of Term

Monday 19th April - Start of Summer term


Inspired by Seurat and Monet

Working scientifically. Be logical, methodical and remember - sometimes it goes wrong!

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." (Thomas Edison)

Painting in the style of Monet