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Welcome to Hawthorn Class!

Hawthorn Class is so excited to welcome you back to school for the Autumn term! 


This year we have Miss Trayte and Miss Kaushal in Hawthorn Class, along with 24 lovely children.


On a Friday, we have Mrs Coe in Hawthorn.


Watch this space for details about our fun activities and what we get up to in class!

Fifth week down! The countdown to Christmas is truly on and we are busy with rehearsals and preparations for the holidays, alongside our usual lessons with lots of learning.



We have brought our Roman Rescue History Hackers unit to a close with paired writes and our independent application, we have created some fantastic adventure stories with great vocabulary.



We carried on with multiplication and division, looking at multiplying by 10 and 100 and dividing by 10 and 100.



We are focusing on each individual VIPERS skill for the next few weeks, looking at inference, prediction and explanation. We defined the term in the context of our VIPERS sessions, answered a few questions from an extract specifically centering about these skills and then created a poster to showcase our understanding.



The children in PE are working on ball skills and how to properly warm up and cool down to keep our bodies safe. We are also looking at skills in football.



Phew! That's a lot to fit in one week!


Growth Mindset of the Week:




Well done! Brilliant work! :)

Christmas Show


We are thrilled to be starting rehearsals for the Phase 1 Christmas Show, especially after not being able to do them for a few years. The casting has been done and your children may be bringing home lines that they need to learn outside of school so that we can focus on blocking the show inside school. All children will also be involved in the singing so below are the song lyrics needed for the show. The backing tracks for the songs are here:

In Hawthorn class, we are always representing our core values of Grace, Courage and Friendship. We are a supportive community that always tries our best and looks out for each other.

Please don't forget your super six from the first full week back at school:

  • Writing pen
  • Pencil
  • Rubber
  • Ruler
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Glue stick

Class Notices:



Our PE days for this term are Tuesday and Friday.

The children will wear their PE kits to school on those days and stay in those clothes for the whole day. Please ensure that all clothing items are still labelled. 



Maths/SPaG and Spelling homework will both be set on a Thursday to be returned the following Thursday. It is expected that children read five times per week at least and this must be recorded in their reading diaries. These will be collected every Thursday and the children will receive a house point if they have adult signatures in their reading diaries too.


The spelling words for each group, for each week will be handed out to children as a paper copy as well as on here to refer back too.


Please ensure that your child's blue homework folder is brought into school every Wednesday and Thursday as we will put their homework straight into them, along with any other work for them to practice at home. Our spelling tests will take place on a Wednesday afternoon and they will receive their new spellings for the following week on a Thursday.


Spellings - 1.12.22

Dolphins                         Sharks                            Whales                             Jellyfish                                 

of                                  find                              believe                            though

my                                mind                             appear                            although

one                               behind                         often                                dough

him                               old                               group                               through

time                              cold                             breath                              breakthrough

it                                   gold                             continue                          thought

her                                hold                             arrive                              bought

them                             told                              women                            brought

Mr                                every                            describe                          fought

I'm                                everybody                    height                             ought


There may be some individualised spellings included following each spelling test.



Whenever you read a book, you can leave a review on it with Reading Den:

Each child will have their own individual login.


Look at these websites for book inspiration:

Useful Dates for your Diary:


Monday 5th September - First day of Autumn term

Tuesday 6th September - Friday 9th September - School Council Elections


Wednesday 14th September - Welcome Meeting @ 6pm


Wednesday 5th October - Junior Harvest Service


Monday 10th October - Friendship Week


Tuesday 18th October and Thursday 20th October - Parent Consultations


Monday 31st October - INSET day


Friday 11th November - Remembrance Day


Wednesday 16th November - Butser Farm School Trip


Wednesday 14th December - Christmas Lunch

Thursday 15th December - Phase 1 Christmas Show

Friday 16th December - Junior School Pantomime


Monday 19th December - PITA cards sent home


Citizenship Award


We are participating in the citizenship award, where there are several activities that must be completed, helping your local and wider communities, before signing off and being given a citizenship award. Successful children will receive a badge at the end of term and maybe an additional separate treat! Bring in photographs as evidence or signed notes and Miss Trayte will add them to your sheet. I have attached a blank copy below so you know what you need to do!

Below are some links to websites which you can use to supplement your learning at home. Most of them we also use in school.