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Welcome to Hawthorn Class!

~ Grace, Courage, Friendship ~

Hawthorn Class is so excited to welcome you back to school!


This year we have Mrs Johnson, Mrs Daisley and Mrs Nwaeke in Hawthorn Class, along with 29 lovely children.


On a Friday, we have Mrs Sinfield in Hawthorn.


Our topic this term is Ancient Egypt


Week 11 - 24.11.23

We are in full Nativity mood this week, the children have been working so hard and have impressed us so much with how hard they have been working to learn their lines, thank you! It has been assessment week this week and again the children have worked so hard to show us everything they know and have learnt, Thank you all for working so hard! 


Have a look at else what we have been up to this week. 



This week, we have started to learn our new text which is a diary entry based on the nativity story. This diary entry is written by Sam the Shepherd and it tells us all about his experience of the day that Jesus was born. We are looking forward to innovating this diary entry and thinking about the Nativity story from the point of view of someone else.  



Spellings -

Year 3 - 

forgetting, forgotten, beginning, propelled, preferred, permitted, regretting, committed, forbidden, equipped


Year 4 

chef, chalet, machine, brochure, parachute, chute, chaperone, ‚Äč

chandelier, crochet, quiche



In Maths this week we have continue to learn about multiplication and Division, focusing on the 3, 6 and 9 times tables noticing different patterns that can help us with learning our times tables and for quick recall of number facts.  



This term, our science topic is animals including humans. We will be learning about the digestive system, our teeth, food chains and food webs. We will also be thinking about how to stay healthy. 


Geography and History

Through our topic of the Ancient Egyptians we will use Atlas' to locate Egypt and countries around Egypt as well as learning lots of amazing facts about life in Ancient Egypt. 



In PE we will be learning Netball and Dance. 



This term our focus will be on Colour and Sculpture. We will be using clay to create some amazing cartouches. 



This term we will be learning all about Ballads and listening to a number of classic Ballads. We will then have a go at writing our own! 



This term we will be learning about online safely and using search engines. 



In PSHE we are learning about building positive relationships with people. This week we were talking about stereotypes and whether there are any jobs that the children felt could only be done by men or women and which roles are seen as more traditionally male or female.


Mastery Reader

Year 3 will be reading 'The owl who was afraid of the dark.' in our whole class reading lesson this term and Year 4 will be reading 'The firework maker's daughter'.

Science investigation and painting our cartouches

      Mrs Johnson book of the week is....




Well done Luke and Morgan for all their hard work this week and getting their Growth mindset award! Keep it up!

In Hawthorn class, we are always representing our core values of Grace, Courage and Friendship. We are a supportive community that always tries our best and looks out for each other.

Please don't forget your super six:

  • Writing pen
  • Pencil
  • Rubber
  • Ruler
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Glue stick

Please make sure that you always have your super six in school!

Class Notices:



Our PE days for this term are Tuesday and Friday.

The children will wear their PE kits to school on those days and stay in those clothes for the whole day. Please ensure that all clothing items are still labelled. 



Maths/SPAG will both be set on a Thursday to be returned the following Thursday along side Times Tables Rockstar practise and spelling practise on Spelling Shed. It is expected that children read five times per week at least and this must be recorded in their reading diaries. These will be collected every Thursday and the children will receive a house point if they have adult signatures and have written personal comments about what they have read in their reading diary. 


Please ensure that your child's blue homework folder is brought into school every Wednesday and Thursday as we will put their homework straight into them, along with any other work for them to practice at home. 


The spelling words for each year group, for each week will be handed out to children as a paper copy as well as on here to refer back too. The children will practise these spellings throughout the week in spelling lessons. We will not be testing the children on these words weekly but will be looking for the correct spelling of these words in their work, so we do encourage the children to practise them at home. 




Whenever you read a book, you can leave a review on it with Reading Den:

Each child will have their own individual login.


Look at these websites for book inspiration:

Useful Dates for your Diary:


Monday 4th September - School Starts

Wednesday 13th September - Welcome Meetings 5pm

Wednesday 27th September- Writing Workshop for parents 2-3pm 

Friday 29th September- MacMillan Coffee Morning

Wednesday 4th October- Flu Vaccines

Thursday 5th October- School census

Friday 6th October- School Disco

Wednesday 11th October - Harvest Festival service 9-11am

Saturday/Sunday 14/15th October - School TLC days

Tuesday 17th/Thursday 19th October - Parent consultations


Monday 23rd October-Friday 27th October- Half Term


Friday 10th November - Remembrance Day

Friday 17th November - Children in Need

Saturday 25th November - PTA Christmas fayre

Monday 4th December - Gift Assembly with Salvation Army

Wednesday 6th December- Phase 1 Nativity Play - 6pm

Monday 11th December- Interhouse Carol Competition

Tuesday 12th December- Christmas lunch

Wednesday 13th December- Pantomime in Windsor

Friday 15th December- End of term 2pm


Below are some links to websites which you can use to supplement your learning at home. Most of them we also use in school.