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Welcome to Hawthorn Class!

Hawthorn Class is so excited to welcome you back to school for the Spring term! 


This year we have Miss Trayte, Mrs King, Mrs Barnes and Mrs Walker in Hawthorn Class, along with 24 lovely children.


Watch this space for details about our fun activities and what we get up to in class!

We have really enjoyed being back at school this week after having had a wonderful, restful Christmas. The children have come back really eager and ready to learn which has been so lovely.



We have carried on with our English block of poetry this week and the children have worked really hard identifying different rhyming words and patterns. They created a toolkit for what we need to write a successful poem and boxed up the original text. They listened to other sceneries for a sound collector and came up with some great nouns and verbs for this!



We have been focusing on different multiplication tables this week and the various methods we can use to work out the answers, we have looked at the 6, 7 and 9 times tables. The children have also learned what the words factor, product and commutative mean.



We got back into the swing of our VIPERS lessons this week, looking at a text about superheroes! We used some great prediction skills to think about what might happen after a serious Rock, Paper, Scissors contest!



We kicked off our new Topic of London this week, looking at where we can find London on the map, along with Wargave and the River Thames. We identified the different counties around us and learned some new ones across the whole country.



The children got started with Hockey this week, it was a little cold to get outside for our first lesson but we did some fantastic dribbling skills and ball control in the hall on Thursday!



Phew! That's a lot to fit in one week.


On behalf of myself, Mrs King and Mrs Barnes, we would like to say a HUGE thank you for our really thoughtful and much appreciated presents for Christmas!


Growth Mindset of the Week:




Well done! Brilliant work! :)

In Hawthorn class, we are always representing our core values of Grace, Courage and Friendship. We are a supportive community that always tries our best and looks out for each other.

Please don't forget your super six from the first full week back at school:

  • Writing pen
  • Pencil
  • Rubber
  • Ruler
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Glue stick

Class Notices:



Our PE days for this term are Tuesday and Thursday.

The children will wear their PE kits to school on those days and stay in those clothes for the whole day. Please ensure that all clothing items are still labelled. 



Maths and Spelling homework will both be set on a Thursday, to be returned the following Thursday. It is expected that children read five times per week at least and this must be recorded in their reading diaries. These will be collected every Thursday and the children will receive a house point if they have five adult signatures in their reading diaries.


The spelling words for each group, for each week will be handed out to children as a paper copy as well as on here to refer back too.


Please ensure that your child's blue homework folder is brought into school every Thursday as we will put their homework straight into them, along with any other work for them to practice at home.


Spellings - Week Two 14.1.22

Dolphins                         Sharks                            Whales                             Jellyfish

said                             break                           calendar                        difficult

can                              climb                           caught                           disappear

little                             steak                           centre                            early

into                             beautiful                       century                          earth

too                              after                             certain                           eight

in                                 fast                              circle                             eighth

are                              last                               breath                           enough

as                                past                              breathe                        exercise

back                            father                            bicycle                         experience

by                               class                             believe


There will be some individualised spellings included following each spelling test.



Whenever you read a book, you can leave a review on it with Reading Den:

Each child will have their own individual login.


Look at these websites for book inspiration:

Useful Dates for your Diary:


Wednesday 5th January: Start of Term

Friday 18th February: INSET


Monday 21st February - Friday 25th February: Half Term


Monday 28th February: Start of Term

Friday 4th March: World Book Day

Friday 4th March: Hawthorn Collective Worship

Friday 18th March: Comic Relief

Monday 21st March - Friday 25th March: STEM Week

Wednesday 23rd March: Class Photos

Wednesday 23rd March: PTA Sports Event

w/c 28th March: Parents' Evenings

Wednesday 6th April: Easter Service

Friday 8th April: End of Term


Below are some links to websites which you can use to supplement your learning at home. Most of them we also use in school.