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Using our school vision and core values, we view spirituality and nurturing as intrinsic and embedded practices throughout the school day, encompassing all aspects of our curriculum and wider development. 


We engage in dedicated spirituality development time during different points within our day, such as in lessons like music, art, PE or RE. There are further opportunities for spiritual growth during daily prayers, outdoors in the prayer garden or even during forest schools. However, there are also specific times where spirituality has been purposely built into the day. Usually after lunch, there is a planned pause to all activities. During this time, children are invited to remain still, reflect and ground themselves.  There is a different spiritual focus on each day of the week. These spiritual practices are based on the programme Imaginor from Roots and Fruits using the framework of ‘mirrors, windows, doors’ whereby we can reflect on the impact we have on others ourselves, how others can affect us and how can reach wider communities and thinking forwards. This supports with our development of resilience and self regulations using the practice of mindfulness, support of wellbeing and a growth mindset.

Our approach understands that spirituality will be a different experience for all and, much like learning, will look differently at various ages and stages. There is a deep rooted sense of individuality and respecting everyone's own journey.


Our ethos encompasses our values through an understanding of different world views and faiths and therefore allows our children to understand the wider picture. Spirituality offers space for reflection, appreciation, and an opportunity to grow together. This is non-judgemental space, with open-ended thoughts and questioning through self-reflections and allows independent thinking whilst being supported in their journey. Within our spirituality time, we may use chimes, candles, quotes of inspiration, reflective questioning, mindful music or deep breathing techniques to support with our rolling programme.