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Reading Meeting

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Here are the slides form the reading meeting if you missed it, or if you want to see them again

Welcome to Kingfishers 

 The teacher in Kingfishers this year is Mrs Kumar.

We are very lucky to also have the lovely Mrs Bradford

and Mrs Baglow with us everyday! 

We also have Mrs Sinfield teaching Kingfishers

every Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

We are very excited to welcome 29 wonderful children to Kingfishers this year. It was lovely to hear children sharing their superpowers and ideas on Hopes and Dreams, as they reflected on what they want to learn in the new class. We are looking forward to a fantastic and exciting year of fun and learning πŸ˜€

Please check the class page regularly as there will be useful information and photos of all the different activities we have been doing throughout the week. 

Kingfisher- Important Dates


Monday & ThursdayRWI groups & Vipers change books


FridayP.E Day


Welcome to the Summer Term 2022 β˜€οΈ
We are very excited to share the amazing activities that our children engaged in this week.
Our topic for this term is Our World and children got an opportunity to learn compass directions to explore their world in Geography lesson.  Children will also explore the concept of life cycle in Science to understand that every living thing grows at different rates. In Literacy, we launched our writing on disaster stories with a popular character Humpty Dumpty πŸ˜ƒ


We encourage children to continue to practise their spellings using the handwriting sheets that were send home this week. 


Happy Easter Kingfishers 


 We wish you and your families a very happy Easter holiday! This week, our children reflected on the Meaning of Easter, History and the Symbols reminding us about the significance of Easter.

Our children exhibited the Christian values- courage, grace and friendship in all the challenges that they undertook in the past week.


Easter Service

Easter Story in Eggs

Bee Bot Challenge

Children created their own Bee Bot world mats and created algorithms to operate their Bee Bots.

The Eggsperiment

Children worked in teams and tested their ideas to create paper structures to balance their eggs on topπŸ˜€

Maths Egg Hunt

Celebration Assembly

We are always proud to celebrate the achievements and myriad talents of our children as they represent the school and our school values in the wider community.

STEM & SPORTS Week 2022

We are proud to declare that our children demonstrated a power-packed performance throughout this week and picked up varied life skills from different fields of learning namely sports, science and performing arts (Ceili dance form)

Every event and professional inspired and ignited minds of the young children to develop love for learning new skills in life.

Athlete Visit: Nerys Pearce

International Paralympic Athlete

Ceili Dance 

Thank you Mrs Beard πŸ’

Science Week Presentation

Still image for this video

Kingfishers had a busy week acquiring new skills- developing text map in Talk 4 Writing, learning fractions in maths and designing and building Tudor house models.


We are looking forward to more hands-on learning in our STEM week πŸ”¬πŸ’‘πŸ¦ 

Forest School 🌳

Kingfisher class experienced an exciting and an inspiring launch of their first Forest School session. Children engaged in learning in the natural environment through a range of activities such as following the nature trail, climbing trees, gathering facts about the wildlife and much more!


We are also excited to share the launch of lessons in Computing this week. In the days ahead we will explore algorithms to programme the Bee-Bots.

Here is a glimpse of our learning about symmetry in the outdoor learning space. 

Keeping in mind the holistic learning, we practised body balancing and spatial awareness in our PE lessons.

We are delighted to present an amazing display of World Book Day costumes. Children brought to life their favourite book characters and real life heroes.


Mother Earth is weeping

We read the beautifully illustrated book about loving our precious green planet 🌍 

Children shared their ideas about protecting the Mother Nature and wrote their own green pledges. 


Book Swap

Children enthusiastically participated in the book swap. Hopefully, they will have lots of new stories to share with family and friends. 


Kingfishers Share Healthy Sandwich Recipes

This week master chefs in Kingfishers reveal their secrets of making a
healthy sandwich πŸ˜€ We looked at different Food Groups and carefully chose healthy sandwich fillings.

 Recipe for Friendship πŸ˜€

Master chefs in Kingfishers worked collaboratively to come up with a list of ingredients needed in the recipe for FRIENDSHIP. Children were very excited to use these ingredients while writing the instructions for the Friendship Recipe. Next week we will look into editing and polishing our instruction writing using our Toolkit Map.


Another highlight this week was our children practicing their skills with handling bat and ball in preparation for the upcoming taster session on CRICKET. Here’s is glimpse our learning journey this week.


Cheers for ChocolateπŸ˜‹

Kingfishers enjoyed their delicious, scrumptious handmade chocolate bars and chocolate lollipops this week. We did some great learning on the sweet studded topic. We looked at the journey of the chocolate bean to bar, discovered the  favourite chocolate flavour and chocolate melting experiment as part of our ongoing investigation on the properties of material. 

The chocolate workshop blends well with our new literacy topic on instruction writing. We encourage our children to familiarise themselves with the key vocabulary words such as equipment, ingredients and method involved in a recipe using the text map. Here’s a glimpse of our amazing learning journey this week.


Kingfishers successfully finished the fairytale unit in English and composed their own fairytales featuring characters namely mermaids, gingerbread house, candy cane man, cotton candy girl and ninjabread man. Our children are very excited and looking forward to the chocolate making workshop next week.
This week, children made their own
Masterchef hats to inspire themselves to write their favourite recipes.πŸ‘©‍🍳

Next week, we will combine our learning about chocolate with observation and investigation skills in science and explore properties of solid materials further. 


Kingfishers continued learning through new and fun ways 
Children particularly enjoyed learning about Paul Cezanne’s- still life paintings and attempted to sketch and shade using a variety of tools including pencil and pastel colours. In literacy, children  continued to polish their writing skills in preparation for writing their own fairytales. We learnt about speech marks, sentence openers and fronted adverbials using actions-to make our writing interesting. In maths, children enjoyed sharing and grouping through practical activities.

Kingfishers have worked very hard and we are very happy to share our Class Collective Worship video, which is now uploaded on the school pagesπŸ˜€

KINGFISHERS in action 10/1/22
Children immersed themselves in learning this week with investigation of different types of materials in
science, exploring arrays in outdoor maths and drama activity on the Gingerbread Man story. In PE children got opportunity to build teamwork skills along with catching and throwingπŸ˜ƒ


Welcome to the Spring Term πŸ˜ƒ

A very warm welcome to our Kingfisher class. It is a pleasure to see bright and smiling faces to start off the year right. Children beautifully expressed their thoughts and emotions for family, friends and teachers in their ‘Thank you’ letters. It was also lovely to hear their New Year resolutions for 2022 especially their own learning goals. Our children braved the chilly weather and actively participated in the outdoor PE lessons πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»  

This term will be full of exciting new learning.
TOPIC for our Spring Term is ‘What’s Cooking?’

Our topic will be linked with learning for all subjects and content that the children engage with. We will start off our English lessons next week with one of our classic fairytale-

The Gingerbread Man’ πŸ˜€


We wish everyone in KINGFISHER Merry Christmas and a safe New Year 🎊 Our children had a fantastic first term filled with fun & learning. We are privileged to have such wonderful children and their amazing families. We thank you all for your good wishes and wish you great holidays. Looking forward to welcoming you back in the New Year 2022πŸ’«

Yeh! It’s DECEMBER πŸŽ„ 

It’s December and the Christmas season is upon us. Children thoroughly enjoyed writing their adventure stories inspired by Jill Murphy’s Whatever Next! We continue to polish our writing skills as we set off early this week to write the Nativity story. We used STORY STICKS to help us remember and retell the Birth of Jesus.

Christingle Service

Embracing the spirit of Christmas, children enthralled us at the Christingle service at St. Mary’s Church with their beautiful singing and lovely depiction of the message about Christingle.

Tree Ceremony πŸŽ„ 
Children across the infant school added their handmade ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Aladdin Panto 2021

 It was a visual delight to watch actors bringing to life a tradition tale from The Arabian Nights for our young audience.

Children in Need

Children came into the school high-spirited in their pyjamas to support Children in Need charity. They took on the challenge of burpee workout with great enthusiasm. We feel very proud to share their achievements.

Remembrance Day

On Thursday, children took part in the Remembrance Day service. They showed great respect and listened attentively as poems and prayers were read out to mark the occasion and we held a two minute silence.

Fireworks Poem by Kingfisher

Mind maps on fireworks poem created by children

Reindeer Visit

Santa’s Reindeer were welcomed with great enthusiasm. Children displayed great observation and questioning skills and collected a wealth of reindeer facts 🀩


Autumn is Here!
This week Kingfishers indulged in autumn splendour as they created lovely Fall picturesπŸ˜€

We wish our lovely children and their families a fantastic and a restful half-term🀩

Kingfishers Rock!! 
Our children tried different forms of art this week from performing arts while acting out the 
Elephant text map in literacy to visual arts as they made papier-mâché globes in Geography. Once again, a big thank you to our parents for helping with the papier-mâché activity, children are looking forward to finish their globes in upcoming week.


Harvest Celebration

It was lovely to see the camaraderie among the children as they worked together to celebrate the harvest festival . Celebration included the school assembly, where children acted out stories based on the theme of harvest, sang songs followed by time for reflection and prayer. A massive thank you to our parent community for their generous food donation for a noble cause. Our children got an opportunity to be involved in the sale of food which they thoroughly enjoyed πŸ˜€




Still image for this video

Our week in action 27/9/21

Making their own writing toolkit

Preparing for the Harvest Festival

Children enacting the story of Zacchaeus from the Bible

Our Trip to Bekonscot πŸ˜€

Would you rather be big or small?

Well done Kingfishers! Feels so good to share your fantastic learning this week πŸ˜€

 We started Science!
We learnt about human skeleton and then moved on to learning about needs of pets and humans.

Art was about experimenting with different techniques and textures🎨

In Literacy, we polished our skills in writing simple sentences through practical activities.

In Geography, we explored the world by looking at Google Maps. We also explored our key question- Is UK a big or small country ?


Finally, a big thank you for contributing to the Macmillan Cancer Support. It was lovely to hear  views of the children during the class discussion.