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Welcome to Kingfishers!



To all our amazing Kingfishers, 


I can't believe it is the end of the school year and here we are looking back over precious memories of our time together. Despite lockdown, it has been an incredible time of fun, hard work and lots of adventures! It seems like such a long time ago now that we were all in class together learning the Number Bond Song or thinking of adjectives for a setting description, but I want you to know that Mrs Glasby and I count it an honour and a privilege to have taught you all this year. You are (and were) a very special, fun loving class, who always brought a smile to our faces! We're both really looking forward to seeing every single one of you grow and flourish in year 3 and hope you'll come in to say hello if you're not in Oak.  


A huge thank you to everyone for the beautiful gifts on Thursday, we will buy something special with our gift cards and really appreciate all the thought that went into the individual gifts we received too. How wonderful you are for thinking of us when there is SO much going on already!


As you know, we've been asking for your memories and photos and recipes in the last few weeks. Well we've put a little something together, I'm sorry not everything could go in but we've tried our best to get something of everyone and hope you like it! :)



Still image for this video
Some new, some old, some written but all gold XX

I know this doesn't compare to your amazing End of Year 2 Video, but it certainly made me smile! :) How small you all were when you started, and look at you now. I hope seeing them brings back happy memories of our school and that making that amazing video filled you with pride. For me it was a celebration of how talented and unique every single one of you are!   


Below you will see we have also collated all the Year 2 Recipes, it is an ongoing project (as not everyone is in it yet) so if you have a recipe to add please have a try making it and give me the recipe and a photo in September. Mrs Stocker and I are really looking forward to cooking and trying lots of these ourselves and hopefully Joe Wicks will carry on his workouts in Summer so that we don't both come back as big as a house!!! Have a look and let me know if you try any :)     

Year 2 Lockdown recipe Book

Thank you for working so hard and sending in such wonderful photos these last few months, Mrs Glasby and I have loved seeing your home learning and hearing about all the wonderful things you've been up to. (Lots of photos to follow!)






As some of you know, Brownie is staying with me, Sammy, Faith and our foster child Tegan over the summer. I'm sure she'd like me to send you all her love as she misses everyone (and all her treats!) so much. She has been out in her ball every day and getting up to all sorts of mischief. She will be joining us at the Juniors in September, but I know you'll be missing her so I'll try to get some new photos or a video soon :)   




I'll also be keeping you up to date as I garden (oh dear!!!), go on adventures and carry on my own version of home learning. I'll also share any new songs I teach Sammy & Faith! Please keep in touch and send anything in you would like me to share :)


The moving song -
Every move I make -
My God is so big & so strong & so mighty -


Staf safe and keep smiling children, we look forward to seeing you in Year 3! 

Love Mrs Ireton and Mrs Glasby





The Great Chapatti Chase

Our week in pictures, 24.02.2020

Our week in pictures, 27.01.2020

Our week in pictures, 13.01.2020

Our week in pictures, 9.12.19

Our week in pictures, 25.11.19

Our week in pictures, 4.11.19

Our week in pictures, 21.10.19

Our week in pictures, 23.09.19

Class information


During the year the children will be given a role of class monitor - which they are especially proud of. They do this within the school day and it will change each week. Roles include Book Monitor, Milk Monitor and Fruit Monitor.


We enjoy snack time in class and children know they are to bring a piece of fruit into school each day to eat at playtime. In addition, school fruit is given out at the end of the day.


We are looking forward to sharing treasures from home in Show and Tell, children understand that they can bring one thing into school they wish to show but it must not be bigger than their hand. It will go in to our Show Box and a child will be chosen each day to share their special item.


PE kits are needed in school every Friday and go home at Half Term. Thank you.      

This weeks jokes:


Why did the banana go to the doctor?

He looked a bit green!


How do oceans say hello to each other?

They wave!


What does one wall say to another wall?

"I'll meet you at the corner"

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