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Welcome to Kingfishers




Greetings from Mrs Ireton and Mrs Glasby


I can't believe it's been 9 weeks since we were last together in school, we're missing you all so much! As always thank you for staying in touch and sending in your amazing work, cards and pictures this week. I love to read what you're all getting up to with your families and to hear that you're all safe. 




This week saw the reopening of lots of green spaces and in our home this meant celebration all round as Sammy was desperate to get back to Dinton Pastures! We also have some other big news as we have another foster child staying with us, she is 2 and a half and likes to get everything out of every cupboard and put most of it in her mouth! Her name is Tegan, unfortunately I can't share a picture of her but watch out for more of our adventures next week!                   




Mrs Glasby has been in school this week helping me to teach the Key Worker children. She has been weeding the flower beds, tidying all of our toys and books and helping set up our classroom for when we can all be back together again. Hopefully it will not be too long and you will get to see our new vegetables and plants that she planted!     




As usual I have a challenge for you to complete for me this week. These are pictures from our classroom - I've put some new words up that you can have a go at using in a paragraph and some fractions. I wondered if you could make a tray bake or pizza or even a piece of toast then cut it into equal parts to see what fractions you can make :) Let me know how you get along!




I'd also like you to see if you can do all 20 of these skills: 



As always we have been doing PE with Joe Wicks, biking, den building, dancing and singing lots at home too. This week we've been doing these songs as Sammy and Faith love them.


Super Wonderful God -

Down in the Jungle -

Seven Continents Song -


Have fun singing along, and let me know if there are any you'd like us to learn for when we are all back together again.


Stay safe &  keep smiling :)

Mrs Ireton and Mrs Glasby




The Great Chapatti Chase

The Great Chapatti Chase   1
The Great Chapatti Chase   2
The Great Chapatti Chase   3
The Great Chapatti Chase   4
The Great Chapatti Chase   5
The Great Chapatti Chase   6
The Great Chapatti Chase   7
The Great Chapatti Chase   8
The Great Chapatti Chase   9
The Great Chapatti Chase   10
The Great Chapatti Chase   11
The Great Chapatti Chase   12
The Great Chapatti Chase   13
The Great Chapatti Chase   14
The Great Chapatti Chase   15

Our week in pictures, 24.02.2020

Our week in pictures, 27.01.2020

Our week in pictures, 13.01.2020

Our week in pictures, 9.12.19

Our week in pictures, 25.11.19

Our week in pictures, 4.11.19

Our week in pictures, 21.10.19

Our week in pictures, 23.09.19

Class information


During the year the children will be given a role of class monitor - which they are especially proud of. They do this within the school day and it will change each week. Roles include Book Monitor, Milk Monitor and Fruit Monitor.


We enjoy snack time in class and children know they are to bring a piece of fruit into school each day to eat at playtime. In addition, school fruit is given out at the end of the day.


We are looking forward to sharing treasures from home in Show and Tell, children understand that they can bring one thing into school they wish to show but it must not be bigger than their hand. It will go in to our Show Box and a child will be chosen each day to share their special item.


PE kits are needed in school every Friday and go home at Half Term. Thank you.      

This weeks jokes:


Why did the banana go to the doctor?

He looked a bit green!


How do oceans say hello to each other?

They wave!


What does one wall say to another wall?

"I'll meet you at the corner"

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