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Welcome to Kingfishers 

We are very excited to welcome 25 wonderful children to Kingfishers this year. We are looking forward to a fantastic and exciting year of fun and learning. 

The teacher in Kingfishers this year is Miss Townly and we are very lucky to also have the lovely Mrs Bradford with us everyday! 

Please check the class page regularly as there will be useful information and photos of all the different activities we have been doing throughout the week. 

Class information


During the year the children will be given a role of class monitor - which they are especially proud of. They do this within the school day and it will change each week. Roles include Book Monitor, Milk Monitor and Fruit Monitor.


Please ensure your child has a water bottle in school with them everyday. At the moment we cannot give the children water at school.


We are looking forward to sharing treasures from home in Show and Tell, however, as we cannot bring items in from home at the moment, if you child has something they would like to share with the class you can email a picture of the item to the school office and we can share the picture with the class.


PE kits are to be worn to school every Tuesday. 

 I am attaching a parent guide to Numbots, a fantastic maths resource to practice key maths.

Most of the children have been given their login. The site is about having fun , the challenges are about having fun with key maths skills and the stories build basic skills. Have fun.smiley

Later next half term, the children will be using the sister site Times Table Rock Stars which is a great tool for practicing times tables and division facts. We will alert you when the children have been added to that site.


Parent guide to numbots

Meet our School councillors

Meet our Eco warriors

Week 7 – 12.10.20 – 16.10.20


Evil Pea is back! We had a surprise visit this week from Evil Pea. He caused chaos in our classroom and terrorised some of our fruit. Luckily, Kingfishers were at hand to help write letters to Supertato asking for help! We wrote some amazing letters and we are just waiting to see if Supertato replies!

We also explored lots of really exciting vocabulary this week and discovered some new adjectives which we love! Some of our favourite adjectives were microscopic, colossal, delightful and swift, as well as many others!

In maths this week we were learning all about adding and subtracting multiples of 10 as well as adding two different amounts together to make 100. We used base 10 to help us with our addition and subtraction. We were all awesome at finding amounts to make 100.

In topic, we went outside to discover the different human and physical features around our school and realised how lucky we were to have a vast amount of physical geographical features within our school grounds. We have also been extremely busy this week designing our Christmas cards and learning about the artist Andy Warhol.

Next week, we will continue learning about addition and subtraction in maths, locating different human and physical geographical features around the world in topic, coding in computing and continue to learn about the importance of hygiene in science.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Week 6 – 05.10.20 – 09.10.20


Wow, hasn’t this week flown, the children have been so busy with their learning. We have been coding on the computers and making a superhero fly, disappear and increase in size, as well as doing some observational drawing of different fruits for our harvest festival. We have also been learning about the effect of exercise on the body and how important exercise is. Our experiment made us pretty tired!

Next week we are going to be learning about Pop art and n particular Andy Warhol, we will also be learning about hygiene and how important it is to keep clean, how to code a sprite to draw a line and move in different directions.

In maths we will continue learning about addition and subtraction, thinking about using our number bonds knowledge to add a variety of 2-digit numbers together, as well as learning 10 more or less than any number. We will also be practicing all of our number bonds and our 2, 3, 5- and 10s-times tables and relevant division facts.

In English, in addition to our Read Write Inc lessons, we will be practicing using a thesaurus and writing sentences with interesting description as well as coordinating conjunctions.


Please find a couple of assigned activities on Mathletics to support the work we have done in the week.

Week 5 – 28.09.20 – 2.10.20


Its been another busy week in Kingfishers this week, full of disgusting medicines, worry monsters and discovering what different animals need to survive. We then finished our week with some delicious cakes, what a lovely way to end our week!

We have been learning all about medicine and how it has changed over time. This week we have written instructions of how to make our own medicines and have included some rather disgusting ingredients, we then made our medicines which can be used to cure all sorts of different illnesses.


In maths this we have started our new topic of addition and subtraction and have started to practice our 3 times tables on super movers.

Next week in maths we will continue to deepen our understanding of addition and subtraction by recognising patterns, comparing number sentences and adding by regrouping the 10.

In English next week we are focusing our learning on conjunctions and using FANBOYS to help us use a variety of different conjunctions to extend our sentences, we will also continue to practice handwriting and really focus on letter formation in a cursive style.

We will also being learning about the story of Jonah and the Whale in RE, the effect that exercise has on our body in science, coding in computing, still life drawing in art, human and physical features in topic and celebrating our differences in PSHE.


We hope you have a lovely and restful weekend.

Our week – 21.09.2020 – 25.09.2020


We have enjoyed learning about real life superheroes this week and have discovered there are lots of different people who are there for us when we need help. We then focused our learning on doctors and nurses and how amazing they are at looking after all of us! After that we looked at different remedies used in the Roman and the Victorian times and realised how different they were compared to today.


We have also been extremely creative this week and have been studying the work of a famous artist called James Rizzi. We loved his artwork on cityscapes and created our own versions. They look amazing!!


In Maths this week we have been looking at the place value of 2-digit numbers and have been finding lots of different ways to make 2-digit numbers using addition. Next week we will focus our maths learning on the operations of addition and subtraction and using them to solve different mathematical problems.


In topic next week, we will continue our learning on interesting remedies that doctors used to use and even come up with some of our own.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Week beginning 14th September 


We have had a very ‘calming’ end of the week. We continued our learning of the different parts of our brain and made some ‘calming’ glitter bottles. The glitter bottles looked amazing and the children used a lovely range of calming colours. We were all very excited to use them. 


We have also been looking at maps this week and have thought about creating a map from an Ariel viewpoint. We all made maps of the supermarket where Evil Pea created chaos and used a compass and a key to help explain to Supertato where to find Evil Pea. We then used the Beebots to create a simple algorithm to direct Supertato. 


We have started our RWInc lessons this week and the children have been doing fantastically recall all of the different sounds and I hope you have been enjoying the reading books at home. The children also retold the story of Supertato and the results were fantastic! The children used some ‘super’ creative vocabulary. 

Next week we will be continuing our RWInc sessions and will be exploring the book ‘Traction Man’ 


In maths this week we have been exploring numbers to 100 and place value. Next week will we continue to explore place value, looking at part whole models and place value tables. We will also be learning how to compare objects and amounts using the <>= symbols. 

In topic will we start to explore different real life superheroes, our focus being on Doctors and Nurses and how important they are. 


We hope you have a lovely weekend

Week 3 timetable

Friday 18th September 


Please can your child bring in an empty plastic water bottle in on or before Friday. The children will be making calming glitter bottles! 

Week 2 


We have had a fantastic week in Kingfishers this week and we have all been working really hard! We have really enjoyed reading the story ‘Supertato’ this week and we were able to ask him and Evil pea some really interesting questions! We also made our own fruit and vegetable superheroes! They were fantastic! 

In maths this week we have been learning all about our numbers to 100, on Monday we went on a number hunt and found out how to write the written words for lots of different numbers. We have also worked hard on ordering and comparing different numbers. 

We have been learning all about healthy eating in science and which foods we should have lots of And which foods we should only have as a treat. We were all disappointed that cake and chocolates were a food that we shouldn’t have a lot of. 

Kingfishers have also been working really hard on their handwriting this week and have been focusing on forming their letters in a cursive form and correctly. Next we are going to focus on joining! 

Well done on a fabulous first full week back, 


have a lovely weekend! 

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