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Welcome to Woodpecker Class!

Number Bond Club


On a Wednesday morning the children have been practising their number bonds. We have started number bond club which is a 2 minute activity where the children are given 8 number bond questions to answer. The number bonds start at 5 and when the children answer all the questions correctly they will move on to number bonds to 6, 7, 8 etc. The children are bringing their marked sheets home with them this week. Please practise these at home with your children. Thank You.


 I am attaching a parent guide to Numbots, a fantastic maths resource to practice key maths.

Most of the children have been given their login .The site is about having fun , challenges 2 & 5 are all about the number bonds and the stories build basic skills. Have fun.smiley


Guide to Numbots for parents

Handwriting Practise


In school the children are working really hard on learning continuous cursive letter formation. We have been focusing on forming lower case letters correctly, starting with the round letters e.g. c, a, d, g, o. When children can form letters correctly and fluently it enables them to focus on other higher level aspects of the writing process, such as how to structure a sentence. If you are able to find any time to help your child to practise their letter formation, it would be great.  We would recommend that lined paper is always used as we teach children to start all lower case letter on the line and 'whoosh up'. We have attached a cursive letter formation sheet below if needed. 

Learning from home


Please see the 'Remote Learning' section of the web-site on the 'Class Pages' if you need to access the weekly learning from home.

Our week in pictures (WB 12th Oct)

Our week in pictures (WB 5th Oct)

Our class treat for filling up our bead pot

Here is our amazing Superhero art display!



Yr 1 common exception words.




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