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A message to all of the Woodpecker children!


We just wanted to say THANK YOU for being such an amazing class this year Woodpeckers. Also, a big thank you to you and your families for the thoughtful messages and your lovely gifts at the end of term. Even though it has been a bit of a 'different' year, we have really loved teaching and getting to know all of you. We hope you have a wonderful Summer holiday.


smiley   Love from the Woodpecker teachers   wink


Our final week in Woodpecker Bubble A

   Welcome to Woodpecker B


As summer term draws to a close I just want to say it has been an absolute joy having this bubble of Woodpecker children in Kingfisher class. They are bright, happy and very caring children who have adapted, and opened up, and included one another after a very tricky time. Mrs Glasby and I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching them and are very proud of their effort and input.


The children have loved having access to lots of outdoor learning and looking after Brownie, even though it is for a short time, we won't forget you Woodpeckers! 




This week we have been working on an "All About Me" booklet for the children's next teacher. They included a section for hobbies, family members, school, and favourite things. We focused on using adjectives to describe themselves, starting our sentences in different ways and writing in a paragraph. It was lovely to find out some unusual information about the children and they really enjoyed telling their classmates stories and facts about their families and hobbies. From fishing to drawing boats in the harbour, looking after a pet to drawing in the garden, each booklet was unique and showed what creative and special children we have.   


In Maths we focused on fractions this week and the children were recognising and finding halves and quarters of shapes or amounts. We began by finding and using common 2D shapes and then we looked at how to split them and halve them fairly. We then moved on to finding a fraction of an amount, to make this activity fun the children used lego and toys and even friends! The key was to recognise that a half is 2 equal groups and a quarter is 4 equal groups. All the children were doing this confidently and were very proud of what they achieved!


As well as PE, music, and Art, the children have had a chance to wind down this week. I know it seems very soon to be having 6 weeks off again (we've only just come back to school!) but I hope the children have a wonderful summer and come back to school in September feeling refreshed and happy. 


It has been a pleasure teaching them, 


Mrs Ireton and Mrs Glasby 



Our week in pictures, 8.6.2020

Our week in pictures, wk beg 1.6.2020

Woodpecker Class 2019/2020.

Our week in pictures, 9.3.2020

World Book Day 2020.

Wow! What a fantastic week. We all loved dressing up as our favourite book character on Thursday! During World Book Day we read to our friends, read together as a class, wrote about stories, made book marks and made green eggs!! Lots of fun was had by all, it was a great to have the opportunity to celebrate our love of literacy together.


Woodpeckers also experienced their first forest school session. This was an introduction to what to expect during these lessons, what rules we need to follow and what we need to wear. It is really important that the children have plenty of layers and suitable clothing for forest school. Being cold in the middle of the forest is not much fun and will detract from their enjoyment. Please ensure that your child has suitable clothing and waterproofs. We will be heading out whatever the weather!




Question time!

This week we have been thinking about questions. Why we ask them and how we can spot them in books. We thought about what questions we would like to ask the Queen. The children wrote a list of VERY interesting questions for Her Majesty. We were surprised on Friday when we had a royal visit from the Queen herself. She took questions from the children and we learnt lots about her.


On Wednesday in topic, we explored the seasons and weather. We have taken on the role of weather presenters and have been researching the weather each day, recording it into our weather chart. We were delighted to be able to put snow on our charts on Thursday morning! Next week we will be presenting the weather in a recorded forecast.


In maths, we have finished our place value block of work and will be moving onto counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10 next week.


Maths Measurement fun!

A tree is known by its fruits.

Chinese New Year! By Justin Ren.


Bekonscot Model Village Wednesday 2nd October 2019


We had a wonderful day at the Model Village today. As you can see from the pictures, we were able to explore the tiny figures and little buildings and build on our learning under the topic of  Big and Small. We got a sense of being a different proportion to everyday things as we became giants! We also discovered how our homes and towns have changed in the last one hundred years.

Thank you to the parents who accompanied us on the trip today. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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