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Welcome to Willow Class

The wonderful Year 5 and 6 children in Willow Class are taught by

Mrs Pontet, ably assisted by Mrs Jackson and Mrs Larkins.

Friday 2nd December

Today we bid farewell and good luck to Miss McCarthy and Miss Raison.  They have taught some some fun lessons - this week was building newspaper towers - as well as teaching many of us how to use British sign language. 

This week we have been using fabulous descriptive devices to create acrostic poems inspired by "The Lost Words" as well as experimenting with different media to plan how to best create a painting inspired by Monet's 'The Japanese Bridge'.

Friday 25th November

Assessment week was a great way for us to showcase our progress this term but we also did lots of new learning too.  In geography, we discovered how different mountains are formed.  We began our new dance unit in PE and in art we completed our pointillism creations inspired by Georges Seurat.  Instruments were played, binary code experimented with and we even recreated our solar system! 

We finished this week by leading class worship; joined by some of our family members.

I'm looking forward to the Christmas Fair tomorrow - see you then smiley

Friday 18th November - Lots of 'space' work this week: learning about the phases of the moon, listening to Mars by Holst in music and learning about the Mars Rover in computing and how it sends data back to Earth.  We've also learnt about the features of mountains (they're not all pointy!) and used our knowledge of pointillism to create amazing landscape paintings (pictures will be posted next week when they are finished!).  I've been really impressed with all the diary entries written in English too.

Thursday was our last swimming lesson  - thanks so much to Mrs Tawse for leading this.  And of course, we all got to wear our PJ's to school to help raise money for Children in Need.

Friday 11th November - The whole school gathered at 11am today to mark Armistice Day with a two minute silence, prayers and poems.  We have all contributed to a display of poppies at the front entrance.

This week we have written fact files about Katherine Johnson, begun our 'space' topic in science, experimented with pointillism and even had a visit from Santa's reindeer!

Friday 4th November

Learning our new model text, a diary entry inspired by Katherine Johnson has been fun - we have created our own text maps to help us.  We coded the micro-bits to score a game of 'rock, paper, scissors' and have been practising our football skills in PE. In art we have begun learning about pointillism and Georges-Pierre Seurat.  I'm surprised we have any energy left for the disco tonight!

Autumn term - part 2

This term we will be learning about some amazing women who advanced the Space Race.  They were discriminated against because of their gender and race but using their intelligence and resilience, ensured that man could safely travel into space.  We will be writing diary entries using their lives as inspiration.      

In science, we will be learning all about our wonderful solar system, discovering the physics all around us and in music we'll be continuing to listen to a variety of musical genres.

Following on from learning about rivers in geography, we will find out all about mountains - where they are, how they came to be and how humans use them!

In art, we are discussing two different artists and creating works inspired by them - Georges Seurat and Claude Monet.  Using different media and techniques should produce some fantastic artwork.

And of course, we have the countdown to Christmas - carols to learn, readings to prepare and lots of fun to be had!  I can't wait! smiley

Wonderful WIllow

I love reading! 

I expect everyone in Willow Class to have a good book in school.  You will have regular opportunities to read your own choice of book as well as read and discuss a variety of texts in lessons.


Useful dates:


24th - 28th October - Half term


Monday 31st October - INSET day (no children in school)

Tuesday 1st November - Back to school for everyone!

Tuesday 8th November - Visit from Santa's reindeer

Friday 25th November - Willow Class Worship - parents and carers invited at 2.30pm

Tuesday 13th December 6.00pm - Carol Service at St Mary's Church

Wednesday 14th December - Christmas lunch and jumper day

Friday 16th December - Pantomime trip to South Hill Park, Bracknell

Monday 19th December - Inter-house Carol Competition

Tuesday 20th December 1.30pm - End of term


You always need your pencil case with 'Super Six', (Handwriting pen, pencil, rubber, sharpener, ruler and glue stick) all named, a refillable water bottle, a reading book and a positive attitude.


Please wear your PE kit to school on Tuesday and Thursday.

Don't forget your water bottle, reading book and pencil case everyday.



October 2022

Friday 21st October -  What a brilliant end to our first half term - designing and building bridges. 

We had to think about a given design brief, consider factors to be included, draw a design with measurements and then use our practical skills and team work to build them.  What's amazing is how different they all look!

This week we have completed our scientific writing in English, continued developing our coding skills with Micro bits, considered the benefits and disadvantages of dams being built and discussed how Sikhs demonstrate their faith through sacrifice.

I hope you have a fabulous half term break and look forward to seeing everyone back in class on Tuesday 1st November. smiley

Friday 14th October

Composing a response to "O Fortuna", learning about how rivers change due to erosion and deposition, carrying out dissolving investigations, developing our understanding of coding with Micro bits as well as using passive voice in our writing are just some of the many things we've done this week!  No wonder everyone is tired!

I'm looking forward to seeing all Willow parents next week at our individual meetings to discuss how your child has settled in and their progress in their learning.

Have a great weekend smiley

Friday 7th October - Wow what a busy week!  Not only have we celebrated Harvest at St Mary's Church but have done lots of learning too. Learning how to write a formal science investigation in English. coding animations on micro bits, separating materials in science, learning the features of a river and building prototype bridges in DT are only some of the fun lessons we've had this week.

We have also welcomed 3 new people to Willow Class - a year 6 child and Miss Raison and Miss McCarthy, who are training to be teachers.  So much going on smiley

Celebrating Harvest at St Mary's Church

September 2022

30th September

Today we raised money for MacMillan Cancer Support by eating cake! 

Testing different materials in science