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Welcome to Poplar Class

The children are taught by Mrs Tawse (Mrs Sinfield on Tuesdays), ably assisted by Mrs Page.

Being punished the Victorian way....

The children tried our version of Victorian punishments: step ups for treadmill, picking apart string for picking Oakum, turning hoops for the crank, and picking up and moving a football for shot drill.

20th June 2022

The highlight of last week was going to the Festival Marquee and learning to play Djembe drums. The children found their sense of rhythm and we all managed to start and stop at the same time!

The week ahead is going to be a particularly interesting one. We have Changeover Day on Wednesday - all Year 5s and any Year 6s having changeover day on a different date should come to school as normal. All other Year 6s should go directly to their senior school, as directed by that school.

On Thursday we will be holding our Sports Day at the Infant School. It will start at 9.30, and parents and relatives are welcome to attend. The final event will be the Year 6 Netherton race, which is a special event for the children who will be moving to secondary school.We look forward to seeing you there.

African Drumming using Djembe drums

Thank you to the Wargrave Festival team for organising such an interesting and fun event for us.

6th June 2022

Welcome to the last half of the summer term!
It is hard to believe that we are at the last few weeks of the year. There are lots of activities to look forward to.

Please could you help your child make sure that they have their Super 6 and a water bottle with them every day.

Dates to look forward to:

  • Thursday 9th June: Year 6 transition workshop
  • Thursday 16th June: African Drumming workshop (Wargrave Festival)
  • Wednesday 22nd June: Changeover Day
  • Thursday 23rd June 9.30: Sports Day (taking place at the Infant School)
  • Monday 27th June - Friday 1st July: Year 6 PGL
  • Monday 4th July: Year 5 Bushcraft day trip
  • Monday 4th July: Year 6 Bikeability starts
  • Tuesday 12th July: Year 6 show 6.30pm
  • Thursday 14th July: Alternative Sports Day (in case of rain on 23rd June)
  • Friday 15th July: reports sent home
  • Tuesday 19th July: 10:00 Year 6 Leavers' Service in St Mary's church (parents are invited)
  • Tuesday 19th July (afternoon, in school time): Year 6 Leavers' Party
  • Wednesday 20th July: Break up at 1:30pm

Preparing for the Jubilee, and Circuit Training

Designing our own spy gadgets. The imagination was endless........

14th May 2022

CONGRATULATIONS to our Year 6 children for the way they managed the SATs this week. They were amazing and every child simply tried to do their best, which is all we ask or expect of them. Their approach might have been helped by Mr Blakey's running activities in the playground at 8.30am and the chocolate chip brioches on offer(!) and we are very proud of them. Thank you for the support you gave them by getting them to school earlier and making sure they had enough sleep.


We are also very proud of our Year 5 children who showed great Grace by coping with sometimes moving to different classrooms and having different teachers while the SATs were taking place - thank you.


With only two weeks until half term we are reviewing and improving some of the writing that the children have done over the year, as well as writing our own versions of The Highwayman. Year 6s are beginning to think about their end of Year show and we are continuing with our investigations into light, building buggies, drawing portraits, circuit training, athletics, Hip Hop, Crime and Punishment (the Tudors this time), the Saints and french around the world. The children continue to approach all these activities with their usual enthusiasm and inquisitiveness - they are amazing!

Our fabulous, wonderful, amazing Year 6s celebrating the end of SATs

8th May 2022

The children have been showing the school values of Grace, Courage and Friendship: The Year 6s by preparing for SATs and the Year 5s by supporting them. This coming week the Year 6s will be doing the SATs. We hope that they are getting plenty of sleep and are not worrying about the tests - they have already done past papers many times and know that the tests will not affect their future in any way.

This week we will be investigating light, building buggies, continuing our analysis of The Highwayman poem, making music by coding, drawing portraits and continuing with athletics and circuit training - plenty to do!

Welcome to the Summer Term!

It is lovely to be back together again and the children have approached the new term with their usual enthusiasm. This term our topic is Crime and Punishment: how crimes and punishments have changed from Roman times to today, whether the punishment always fits the crime, and how power can affect justice and how people are punished. 

Across the other subjects we will be studying or working on: light, athletics & rounders, the saints, growing up, portraiture, programming, french around the world and Hip Hop - a real variety.

Important dates for this term  (there is a lot going on!):

  • 9th May: SATs week (Year 6)
  • Friday 20th May: Cultural Diversity Day
  • Friday 27th May: Jubilee Celebrations
  • 30th May - 3rd June: Half Term
  • Thursday 16th June: African Drumming (Wargrave Festival)
  • Wednesday 22nd June: Changeover Day
  • Thursday 23rd June: Sports Day (reserve date Thursday 14th July)
  • 27th June - 1st July: PGL (Year 6)
  • 4th - 6th July: Bushcraft (Year 5) and Bikeability (Year 6)
  • Friday 15th July: School Disco
  • Tuesday 19th July: Year 6 Leavers' Service in the morning and party in the afternoon
  • Wednesday 20th July: Break up 1.30pm


8th April 2022

The last few weeks have whizzed by. We finished our focus on North America; next term we will be going back to History and looking at Crime and Punishment from the Romans to the current day, with a focus on Justice and Power. The children are looking forward to it!

We made the frames for our buggies (to be finished next term). On Wednesday we were at the whole school service - it was wonderful to see the children from the reception classes to Year 6 together in the same place - the first time for over 2 years.

We hope that you have a happy and healthy holiday and look forward to seeing the children again on Monday 25th April.

Back to the allotment!

26th March 2022

What a week! STEM week passed in a flurry of activities: LEGO challenge, motorbikes, experiments, Nerys Pearce encouraging us to exercise and the ever popular Science Fair. Photos to follow.

Parent consultations are next week - details for accessing the system are on the email from the school office. March seems to have whizzed by - we break up at 1.30 on Friday 8th April. PITA cards will be going home on 1st April.

18th March 2022

A highlight of this week was learning to Ceili dance. We are looking forward to STEM week next week: inter-house challenges, Lego workshops, a rally car, science experiments and the science fair on Friday.

Bookings for Parents' Evening appointments are now open - as Mrs Hughes' email mentioned it will be online appointments.

There will be a Super 6 check this week - many children are coming to school without the items they need and I have encouraged them to let their parents know what they have run out of or lost. We would be most grateful if you could help them ensure that they have the right equipment in school.

11th March 2022

It's hard to believe we are already almost half way through March. We have looked at diversity in biomes at the Grand Canyon, and the different Native American tribes across North America, thinking about how humans, animals and plants adapt or manage to live in different climates.  In Science we discussed how nutrients are transported around our bodies and in Computing we started to learn about Binary Code (if you would like to try, the link for testing yourself is below - your child should be able to explain it to you).

The week after next (w/c 21.03.22) is STEM week when we will be exploring various aspects of Science, Techonology, Engineering and Maths, with the ever popular Science Fair on Friday. We will also be having a particularly sporty day when we welcome Nerys Pearce to the school. After that we have parents' evenings and the Easter service - plenty to fit in over the next four weeks!

Counting in 8s to Aaron Copland's "Hoedown" in a variety of ways....

World Book Day!

4th March 2022

The week ended with enthusiastic dressing up for World Book Day. We read the book Mother Earth is Weeping across the school, wrote poetry and developed artistic solutions for problems that we had identified. Earlier in the week the children made up their own body percussion in response to Florence Price's Mambo, and started filming their news reports - discovering that it is not as easy as first thought! We will be continuing our study of Stormbreaker, studying erosion and biomes in the Grand Canyon and looking at how nutrients are transported in our bodies, as well as learning to play Badminton.

It  has been lovely to see how many children bring things they have done at home in response to the subjects we have been studying at school - thank you.

28th February 2022

Welcome to the second half of the Spring term! We will be continuing with our topic of North America, looking at liberty and diversity across the continent. The children will be using Stormbreaker as a model for their writing. In Science we will be looking at how nutrients are absorbed in our body, and in French will be studying vocabulary for the planets. News reports will be filmed in computing before we move onto writing and debugging programmes, and we will be working with the unpredictability of a shuttlecock in Badminton. The highlight of the week is Book Day on Friday - details have been sent out in emails. Recyled or made up costumes are encouraged for those who wish to dress up.

Please could your children make sure they bring their 'Super 6' into school - many thanks.

Information for Y5 Bushcraft trip

11th February 2022

The highlight of this week was our visit to Maidenhead Mosque. We learnt about how mosques are constructed and the importance of the items within them. We also learnt about when and how Muslims pray, the importance of Mecca and the many similarities between the major word religions. The children were amazing - we had to put a halt on questions to allow our very helpful guide (who commented on how interested and well behaved our children were) to leave.


Another highlight was the Poplar Class Assembly - please look on the video section in the Keeping Connected section of the website (it will play twice!)


In computing the children have been researching and writing scripts in preparation for filming a news report. Their interest in the world at large is impressive: subjects range from plastic on beaches, Boris Johnson at parties, the Olympic Ski Jump final, Football, Afghanistan and many others. We are looking forward to the results.


Next week we have the information meetings for Bushcraft on Tuesday at 6pm and SATs & PGL on Wednesday at 6pm. Both meetings will be via Teams and you will be sent the relevant links - we look forward to answering any questions you may have. Friday is an inservice day so children will be breaking up for half term at 3pm on the Thursday.

Researching and writing news reports (as well as printing POP Art)

Our visit to Maidenhead Mosque

28th January 2022

This week we have been working on our Class Assembly (video release date next week) as well as the usual range of subjects. The children did fabulous self portraits in the style of Andy Warhol, continued to approach hockey with great enthusiasm (photos below) and made origami models of the human heart. Next week we are going to The Piggott School to take part in their Leadership Programme (our children will be working with Year 9 students), which we are really looking forward to. The following week we are going to the Maidenhead Mosque, which has proved to be one of our most successful trips in the past.

We will be letting you know about meetings to discuss Bushcraft (Year 5) and PGL and SATs (Year 6) as we realise you have not had the opportunity to discuss details with us - dates will be coming out via email.

Poplar Class continue to amaze me with their enthusiasm, hard work and support of each other - the children should be proud of themselves.

Enthusiastic and competitive hockey!

14th January 2022

The children have settled back very quickly and are working hard. We are enjoying our study of Native American tales and the children will be writing their own version of why things are the way they are. We have launched into: POP art, the human body (Science), appreciating different styles of music, hockey, clothing (French), further study of Islam (RE) and tolerance (PSHE). As usual the children have embraced the subjects with enthusiasm. Their questioning ability and debating skills sometimes make it difficult to fit the teaching in!

We would be grateful if the children could ensure they have their Super Six, water bottle and coat in school.

Investigating primary, secondary and tertiary colours in preparation for POP Art.

Acting out the text for "How The Stars Came To Be".

Model text for How The Stars Came To Be

Welcome to Spring Term 2022

Thank you so much for the very generous Christmas cards and gifts - they were greatly appreciated and the children will be bringing home a thank you note.

I am looking forward to seeing the children on Wednesday 5th January This term our topic is North America; looking not only at the Geography, but also stories, art, newsworthy events and music.

PE days are now Wednesdays and Fridays). Please could your child make sure that they have their Super Six and water bottle with them every day, as well as a warm coat.

Dates for your diary:

Monday 28th February: back after half term

Friday 4th March: World Book Day

21st - 25th March: STEM week

w/c 28th March: Parents' evenings

Wednesday 6th April: Easter Service

Friday 8th April: Break up at 1.30pm

Please help your child to ensure that they have the following in school every day:

  • A refillable water bottle
  • Reading book
  • Their Super Six:
    • Handwriting pen
    • Pencil
    • Rubber
    • Pencil sharpener
    • Ruler
    • Glue stick


Our PE days are Mondays and Wednesdays.

Times Tables

All children should know their times tables off by heart by Year 5. Please do support your children in practising their times tables at home if they are not yet secure. Here are some links that may help.

Handwriting Helper!