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Welcome to Owl Class!


 Owl Class has 20 fabulous children in it this year. Mrs Stocker, Mrs Bradford and Mrs King are all extremely happy to work in such a wonderful Year 2 class.


Yet again I have loved seeing all the work you have been sending me, not just the activities we have set you on the home learning page but all the other creative and exciting learning you have been doing.


This week is half term, so I hope you get out and enjoy the weather and I hope you share some pictures of what you get up to. I am missing seeing you all and really missing hearing your voices chatting about your lives. 


My gardening excitement is that the Wargrave geranium has flowered, so is healthy. I have spent most of the week removing some very large bushes- I am preparing an area for a vegetable bed. If you have any suggestions for what to grow, let me know. I have plans for rhubarb, potatoes and lettuce as well as the cucumbers I already have growing.


Mrs Bradford was very excited to receive responses to her video challenge. Thank you. It is Mrs King's turn this week and she would love it if you could build a den- inside or out. Let us see your dens- I know I have seen a couple already over the weeks.smiley


I hope you all keeping safe and I look forward to hearing about what you have been up to. 

VE Day celebrations





RE Palm Sunday

Sunflower experiment

Sunflower experiment 1
Sunflower experiment 2

STEM DAY , naming parts of a flower

STEM Day measuring trees

Spanish Afternoon

Spanish Afternoon 1
Spanish Afternoon 2
Spanish Afternoon 3
Spanish Afternoon 4
Spanish Afternoon 5
Spanish Afternoon 6
Spanish Afternoon 7
Spanish Afternoon 8
Spanish Afternoon 9
Spanish Afternoon 10
Spanish Afternoon 11
Spanish Afternoon 12
Spanish Afternoon 13
Spanish Afternoon 14
Spanish Afternoon 15
Spanish Afternoon 16
Spanish Afternoon 17
Spanish Afternoon 18
Spanish Afternoon 19
Spanish Afternoon 20
Spanish Afternoon 21
Spanish Afternoon 22
Spanish Afternoon 23
Spanish Afternoon 24
Spanish Afternoon 25
Spanish Afternoon 26
Spanish Afternoon 27
Spanish Afternoon 28
Spanish Afternoon 29
Spanish Afternoon 30
Spanish Afternoon 31
Spanish Afternoon 32
Spanish Afternoon 33
Spanish Afternoon 34
Spanish Afternoon 35
Spanish Afternoon 36
Spanish Afternoon 37
Spanish Afternoon 38
Spanish Afternoon 39
Spanish Afternoon 40
Spanish Afternoon 41
Spanish Afternoon 42
Spanish Afternoon 43
Spanish Afternoon 44


Freezing liquids experiment

Number Day

Number Day 1
Number Day 2
Number Day 3
Number Day 4
Number Day 5
Number Day 6
Number Day 7
Number Day 8
Number Day 9
Number Day 10
Number Day 11
Number Day 12
Number Day 13
Number Day 14
Number Day 15
Number Day 16
Number Day 17
Number Day 18
Number Day 19
Number Day 20
Number Day 21
Number Day 22
Number Day 23
Number Day 24
Number Day 25
Number Day 26
Number Day 27
Number Day 28
Number Day 29
Number Day 30

PE lesson, practising throwing and catching

Chocolate Day

Christmas jumper day

Nativity story crowns (Look at the detail! They're amazing!!!)

Christmas craft

Beautiful Advent Calendar Designs in RE

Class Worship Assembly

Painting fabulous dinosaurs

We made poppies for Remeberance day

Dinosaur painting

Exploring different settings to get our imaginations running wild!

24-10-19 Straw towers.

We shared our fantastic writing with Doves!

18-10-19 Cake sale

18-10-19 Cake sale 1

15-10-19 As part of art and DT we built some amazing lego houses and buildings!

George the giant

George the giant 1

Maths Parents Workshop Presentation


Weekly/ Daily homework

  • Reading, daily reading really has a huge impact.  Reading a few pages and then discussing these is the most important strategy to ensure your child has understood what they have read.


  • Spellings, The children will be given a set of weekly spellings, this term they will be focussing on the sight words your children need to know.  Each week when I test the children we also cover a random selection of spellings from the previous weeks covered.  This informs me of whether the children are retaining their spellings and whether they should be able to apply this skill when they write. (Strategies, look, cover, write, check.  Sounding out can be useful but only as a last resort.  Please encourage your child to look carefully at the words once they have written it and think to themselves does that look right?


  • Mathletics, the website is always available for children to practise their skills.  Each week I will state the topic of maths that we will be focussing on for your child to log on and practise.






Articulation of phonemes


Phonics play