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Welcome to the Owl Class Page


Mrs Stocker, Mr Smith, Mrs Brown And Mrs Harrowell are so excited to be the staff working with 21 wonderful children in the Owl class. We are all really looking forward to an exciting year of learning and fun!

Congratulations all Owls. We are so proud to have raised so much for the McMillan Charity.We received a fabulously certificate.


In maths this week we have been learning about number bonds. These are facts that the children need to have instant recall of.They should learn all the ways to make all the numbers to 10, and the key ones are bonds to make 5 and 10. We had great fun dancing and singing along to videos to try to remember the bonds to make 10. Some links are below. I am also attaching a parent guide to Numbots, a fantastic maths resource to practice key maths. Most of the children have been given their login today, inside their reading diaries the rest can get them on Monday. The site is about having fun , challenge 2 & 5 are all about the number bonds and the stories build basic skills. Have fun.


Unfortunately, Evil Pea got into class this week and some vegetables were in trouble. We have written to Supertato ,asking him to come and help.Fingers crossed our fruit stays safe! Some videos and pictures are below.

Numbot parent information


Still image for this video

Evil Pea

Still image for this video

Evil Pea’s victims

Aubergine penguins

Making Superhero sliding pictures

Punctuating sentences outside

Sorting objects in maths






Articulation of phonemes


Phonics play