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Welcome to Owl Class!


 Owl Class has 20 fabulous children in it this year. Mrs Stocker, Mrs Bradford and Mrs King are all extremely happy to work in such a wonderful Year 2 class.


 Mrs Stocker, Mrs King and I would like to thank all of the lovely Owls and parents for our gifts, Prosecco and chocolates always go down well and it will be a real treat to go shopping and buy something to remember the Owls by when we are able.
Mrs Stocker asked us to think about some of our memories and despite the abrupt end to our time in school, we still had a busy school year. 
I remember 'change over' day in Owls with myself and Miss Synodinos, some of you were nervous and some were a lot louder! Think, we had three teachers during our year and you were all so amazing with each member of staff and took all the changes in your stride. I was so proud of you all. 
Do you remember our 'Smartest Giant in Owls' up on the wall, it really felt like he was watching us all day! We had a lovely trip to Bekonscot model village with some of you dressing up as 1930's children and the little train ride, not forgetting all the little model buildings and street scenes.
Who can remember all the money lessons we did in maths? Over and over again to teach you how to work out change when selling the Harvest donations back to all the generous parents. 
Remember when Miss Synodinos said the Wise men brought gifts of Gold, Frankenstein and Myrrh and those lines were used in the Christmas play. You were all so brave in the play, some of you found it more of a challenge than others, whether you had to find courage to speak out or face a huge audience, remember lines or actions, you were all amazing at it. Remember when we went to Mumberry field and it poured with rain and Mrs Stocker didn't have a hood? 
Mrs Stocker's lovely science lessons were exciting and the smell of the soap when we tried to turn it to a liquid was in the classroom for ages! Oh, and who remembers chocolate day when we made out chocolate bars and lollipops and all looked funny with out hair nets on?
 I could go on for ever as we were so busy and that was in addition to all the super Maths, English, RE, Science, Art and all the other lessons you had. You have all been superb Owls and we know you will be amazing year 3's in September, hopefully some of you will come back to infants to see us from time to time next year. Have a lovely school summer holidays.

Love Mrs Stocker, Mrs King and Mrs Bradford XX





Dear Amazing Year 2s

The year has come to an end and what a strange, exciting time we have had. The past few weeks have been challenging for us all and we have tried our best to make sure a memory or a photo has been included of everyone. Sorry if not everything you sent in has made it, but hopefully this will make you smile as much as it has made us smile whilst making it!

All the Year 2 staff wish you the very best for your next adventure Xx


Still image for this video
Some old, some new, some written, all gold

This is a project that is still being developed. We still have more recipes to add and if, in September you want to have one of your own to be added we will still have time before the book is complete. thank you to everyone who has sent in a recipe so far, we will complete this in the new year and will share the finished book with you all.

Keep cooking and enjoying yourselves- we are going to be very full and over weight once we have tested all of these

Year 2 Lockdown recipe Book

Time to yourself Bingo

VE Day celebrations





RE Palm Sunday

Sunflower experiment

STEM DAY , naming parts of a flower

STEM Day measuring trees

Spanish Afternoon


Freezing liquids experiment

Number Day

PE lesson, practising throwing and catching

Chocolate Day

Christmas jumper day

Nativity story crowns (Look at the detail! They're amazing!!!)

Christmas craft

Beautiful Advent Calendar Designs in RE

Class Worship Assembly

Painting fabulous dinosaurs

We made poppies for Remeberance day

Dinosaur painting

Exploring different settings to get our imaginations running wild!

24-10-19 Straw towers.

We shared our fantastic writing with Doves!

18-10-19 Cake sale

15-10-19 As part of art and DT we built some amazing lego houses and buildings!

George the giant

Maths Parents Workshop Presentation


Weekly/ Daily homework

  • Reading, daily reading really has a huge impact.  Reading a few pages and then discussing these is the most important strategy to ensure your child has understood what they have read.


  • Spellings, The children will be given a set of weekly spellings, this term they will be focussing on the sight words your children need to know.  Each week when I test the children we also cover a random selection of spellings from the previous weeks covered.  This informs me of whether the children are retaining their spellings and whether they should be able to apply this skill when they write. (Strategies, look, cover, write, check.  Sounding out can be useful but only as a last resort.  Please encourage your child to look carefully at the words once they have written it and think to themselves does that look right?


  • Mathletics, the website is always available for children to practise their skills.  Each week I will state the topic of maths that we will be focussing on for your child to log on and practise.






Articulation of phonemes


Phonics play