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Welcome to Owl Class!



 Owls Class has 20 fabulous children in it this year. Mrs Synodinos, Mrs Bradford and Mrs King are all extremely happy to work in such a wonderful Y2 class.


Week Beginning Monday 14th October 2019


English - We are going to make some delicious jam sandwiches this week. Once children made the sandwiches they will be writing a set of instructions for others to follow. They will focus on using numbers, time connectives, conjunctions, headings and sub-headings.     


Maths - We are going to look at addition and subtraction facts focusing on the inverse.

eg. 12 + 6 = 18

     6 + 12 = 18

     18-12 = 6

     18 - 6 = 12


Topic - We walked through the village on Thursday 10th October. Thank you very much to all the parents who accompanied us. We are going to order houses in Wargrave by when they were built.


Harvest - Thank you very much to everyone who supported our Harvest festival. It was a great success!


Spelling- Please make sure that every child practise their spelling words daily. We write our spelling and number bond tests on Friday mornings.


The weather is very unpredictable so please make sure that every child comes to school with a coat.


Christmas cards- Every child made a beautiful Christmas picture at school. If you would like to order one of the items on the list please send it back to school before or on Friday 18th October.



Class information

There is a GIANT on the table in our class! Miss Synodinos thoroughly enjoyed the shock on some of the parents' faces when they met lovely George the giant. We had an amazing week. In science we had a race to determine whether age and speed are related (It turns out that you're NOT necessarily faster if you are older:-) We had a great time drawing, painting and decorating pictures for our Harvest assembly. Mr. Smith taught us some fun games during P.E this week.

George the giant

George the giant 1

Maths Parents Workshop Presentation


Weekly/ Daily homework

  • Reading, daily reading really has a huge impact.  Reading a few pages and then discussing these is the most important strategy to ensure your child has understood what they have read.


  • Spellings, The children will be given a set of weekly spellings, this term they will be focussing on the sight words your children need to know.  Each week when I test the children we also cover a random selection of spellings from the previous weeks covered.  This informs me of whether the children are retaining their spellings and whether they should be able to apply this skill when they write. (Strategies, look, cover, write, check.  Sounding out can be useful but only as a last resort.  Please encourage your child to look carefully at the words once they have written it and think to themselves does that look right?


  • Mathletics, the website is always available for children to practise their skills.  Each week I will state the topic of maths that we will be focussing on for your child to log on and practise.






Articulation of phonemes


Phonics play