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School Council & Eco Warriors


Our Representatives


We are really excited to announce our representatives for this year's School Council and Eco-Team. These are an enthusiastic group of children that are keen to get their voice heard and help others, both in the local and wider community. Please check our page, which will be updated often, so you can see what we have discussed in meetings and what projects we are currently working on!


Our KS1 Team:                                                                            Our KS2 Team:

Skye W                                                                                         Darcey T

Thomas H                                                                                    Winter-Lily K

Olivia K                                                                                         Ben W

Anabelle T                                                                                    Connie B

Tad R                                                                                            Sam F

Ivy L                                                                                              April T

Jarvis H                                                                                        Laurie H

Freya H                                                                                        Jason J

                                                                                                     Logan H

                                                                                                     Soraya C

                                                                                                     Marium S

                                                                                                     Eva M

                                                                                                     Finley H



Miss Trayte



Our Mission Statement:




To protect and preserve our natural environment, as well as to raise the awareness of how to protect and preserve for the rest of the school to follow suit.


School Council


Our School Council represents the views of all of our pupils. 


Our School Council gives our children the opportunity to make their voices heard, and feel like a part of the whole school community.


We have regular meetings to think about how we can bring a positive change to the school. We discuss how current policies are doing, whether they are working, as well as by thinking of new, exciting ideas to bring to the school environment.


We promote an ethos of taking responsibility for our day-to-day schooling lives, however big or small.

The projects we are looking at this term: 

  • Postcards of Kindness 
  • Citizenship Award 
  • Plastic Free Initiative 


Our ‘Postcards of Kindness’ have been underway for a few weeks now and already I have quite a few to send off. Some were done in the keyworker bubble and some have been delivered to school from children at home! This is fantastic and I know they will be so appreciated! I will upload some pictures of the postcards for inspiration here and also on the school website. 


Our Citizenship Award is a project that the children of the School Council have been participating in all year, it is all about contributing to your own community (family), your local community (school) and the wider community (local area and nationally). The postcards mentioned above is part of this and falls under the wider community. Although it has not yet been extended to the rest of the school, it’s really important that you know that you all are contributing and probably without realising! 


I will be meeting with the School Council regularly throughout remote learning so that we can talk about what we are enjoying, what we may not be and what positive changes we can make to your learning at home. This is a great opportunity for pupil voice to be counted and actually brings the different year groups together which is something that has been trickier this last year. All children should be encouraged to pass their thoughts and opinions to the representative in their class and then this can be brought up in these meetings. 


The last project to mention is our ‘Plastic Free Initiative’. We are working towards becoming a plastic free school and although this is difficult whilst we are not in school, there are some things that we can do. These activities don’t have to be limited to only the Eco Warriors, it would be great if all children could have a go at these ideas below: 


  • create a poster on what they will do to reduce single use plastic 
  • write a letter to a manufacturer to express concern about plastic use 
  • write a letter to our MP to ask them to highlight the importance of reducing single use plastic 


We have already had a few posters being made and one of our fantastic Eco Warriors was awarded with a Blue Peter Badge as a result! This is amazing! 


There will also be some videos posted to the School Council webpage where you can inform yourself more about plastic pollution and the impact it has to our environment.  

Macmillan Coffee Morning


We are really excited to be holding our first School Council event for this academic year. We are going to be participating in the Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday 2nd October. 


Outlined below is how our event will run:

  • Each child will bring in one cupcake for themselves (no nuts allowed at all). 
  • Each child will bring in a donation for Macmillan. 
  • Each class will enjoy their cakes together at 2:45 in their own classes whilst watching a video relevant to the cause. 
  • School council representatives will collect the donations.
  • Photographs of the event will be taken 


We are looking forward to seeing all your bakes! Check back to see photographs soon!

Macmillan Coffee Event

Still image for this video

We had an amazing Macmillan Coffee Afternoon! Everyone really enjoyed their cakes and we learned about the importance of the Macmillan charity and the great work they do.


We are so pleased to let you all know that we raised a fantastic £540.52! We should all be really proud of ourselves!

Community Badge Award


We are really excited to announce our next project for the year. We are going to be working with our local and wider community to help all walks of life. As our theme of this term is 'Friendship', we are really keen to drive that forward in as many ways as we can. Therefore, we are going to be starting at home and working our way out in a variety of different activities to show our engagement in the community. We have different stages to achieve through this programme which are outlined below. Keep checking back to see how we're getting on! Anyone can join in and bring in their completed checklist to gain their Bronze, Silver or Gold badge!

Children in Need


The school council hosted a 'pyjama day' at school on Friday 13th November for Children in Need. Everyone, including the teachers, came dressed in pyjamas and stayed toasty throughout the day!


We raised an amazing £619.36 for Children in Need - this fantastic amount will go a long way to helping families tackle difficulties they may have.


Enjoy some of our photographs below!

Salvation Army Gifts - Infant School


We are really excited to announce our participation in gift giving for the Salvation Army.


We are going to collect these gifts from school and deliver them to the Church linked to the Salvation Army for them to be distributed to families in need. These need to be brought into school by Monday 7th December and will be placed underneath our Christmas Tree until they are taken to the Church.


These gifts need to be brand new and unwrapped. Any donations during this time will be greatly received.


It is so lovely to be able to help our wider community now, more than ever.


The children at the Infant School have created a short video outlining the details.

Salvation Army Gift Donations

Still image for this video





Although we are not in school at the moment, and therefore can't continue our work related to the school council in the same way, we thought that we could find a way to include the whole school community in this term's core value: Compassion.


Things are bit different, strange, difficult and possible lonely for everyone right now! With this in mind, we have decided to implement an initiative to show our appreciation and love for the wider community. Therefore, we are going to embark on an exciting project: Postcards of Kindness.


Postcards of Kindness is about writing postcards and connecting lives. Please find the attached link if you would like to know more:


The outline of the project is as follows:

  • Infants will write a postcard to a resident at a nursing home from up and down the country, so they feel connected to the outside community. I think now more than ever they would really appreciate that.
  • Juniors will send a postcard to an NHS worker from the Royal Berkshire Hospital to give them support and admiration during these really difficult times.


You do not need to worry about sending it off or finding the address. Every Monday and Thursday, there will be a box left outside of the school where you can leave your postcard there, and then we will send it on. You won't address the card to anyone specific either - so don't worry about that!


I will share with you a template for writing your Postcards of Kindness, should you wish to use it!


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me through the school office.


Miss Trayte :)