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School Council & Eco Warriors


Our Representatives


We are really excited to announce our representatives for this year's School Council and Eco-Team. These are an enthusiastic group of children that are keen to get their voice heard and help others, both in the local and wider community. Please check our page, which will be updated often, so you can see what we have discussed in meetings and what projects we are currently working on!


Our KS1 Team:                                                                            Our KS2 Team:

Skye W                                                                                         Darcey T

Thomas H                                                                                    Winter-Lily K

Olivia K                                                                                         Ben W

Anabelle T                                                                                    Connie B

Tad R                                                                                            Sam F

Ivy L                                                                                              April T

Jarvis H                                                                                        Laurie H

Freya H                                                                                        Jason J

                                                                                                     Logan H

                                                                                                     Soraya C

                                                                                                     Marium S

                                                                                                     Eva M

                                                                                                     Finley H



Miss Trayte



Our Mission Statement:




To protect and preserve our natural environment, as well as to raise the awareness of how to protect and preserve for the rest of the school to follow suit.


School Council


Our School Council represents the views of all of our pupils. 


Our School Council gives our children the opportunity to make their voices heard, and feel like a part of the whole school community.


We have regular meetings to think about how we can bring a positive change to the school. We discuss how current policies are doing, whether they are working, as well as by thinking of new, exciting ideas to bring to the school environment.


We promote an ethos of taking responsibility for our day-to-day schooling lives, however big or small.

Macmillan Coffee Morning


We are really excited to be holding our first School Council event for this academic year. We are going to be participating in the Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday 2nd October. 


Outlined below is how our event will run:

  • Each child will bring in one cupcake for themselves (no nuts allowed at all). 
  • Each child will bring in a donation for Macmillan. 
  • Each class will enjoy their cakes together at 2:45 in their own classes whilst watching a video relevant to the cause. 
  • School council representatives will collect the donations.
  • Photographs of the event will be taken 


We are looking forward to seeing all your bakes! Check back to see photographs soon!